Stainless Steel Passion Fruit Juice Extractor Machine

passion fruit juice making machine
passion fruit juice processing machine
passion fruit juice extraction machine
passion fruit juice extractor
What is the passion fruit juice processing machine?
In order to maximize  product quality, we have developed a special machine and treatment process for poassion fruit juice.The passion fruit juice extractor machine is especially designed for passion fruit. It not only can make passion fruit juice, but also can separate the passion fruit skin and passion fruit seeds. The final product will be skin, juice and seeds of passion fruit. The machine has simple structure, includes feeding hopper, crushing part, separating tank, seed extractor tank, drive system, construction etc. It has easy operation and stable performance.
Passion fruit cleaning  machine:
We usually pour fresh passion fruit into our washing machine. In order to wash the fruit perfectly, we recommend installing a bubble type washing machine.
We have a dedicated passion fruit extractor machine with capacities ranging from 1000 to 5000 kg/h. They separate the peel from the pulp by "exploding" the fruit.
passion fruit juice extractor machine

Why you need the passion fruit juice machine?
  • You are the passion fruit juice making manufacturer. Our machine is a professional machine to make the passion fruit juice, so it has widely used in the fruit juice making factory.
  • You need the machine to increase your production. Our machine has big capacity of 1-5 ton per hour.
  • You want to start the passion fruit juice making business. You can use our machine to begin your business, we can give you the most suitable suggestions.
  • You have the high quality requirement of the passion fruit juice.
passion fruit juice machine in factory

Why you have to choose our passion fruit extractor?
  • This machine can be juicer machine, passion fruit peeling machine and passion fruit seed extractor machine as well. 
  • During working process, the passion fruit will be crushed firstly, then the skin will be separated. Finally the seed and juice will be separated.
  • This machine is made of stainless steel, meets food safety and hygiene standards.
  • The machine has high capacity and can be customized according to your need.
  • It has high extraction juice rate.
  • You can get the passion fruit juice with good taste.
passion flower juice machine
Technical Data
Model Power Capacity Dimension
GG-1 2.2kw 1T/H 1900*670*1695mm
GG-5 4.0kw 5T/H 2500*1000*1800mm

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