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Purchase of Prickly Pear Juice Processing Line by Tunisian Customer

rqi May 11 2023 By admin

Customer Background:

Our customer is a diversified company based in Tunisia, involved in sectors such as livestock farming, food processing, and steel. As part of their food processing division, they planned to expand their production line for prickly pear juice to meet market demands. They were seeking a supplier who could provide customized solutions, professional expertise, and high-quality equipment.

Customer Requirements:

The conveyor belt needed to have the capability of washing with water and air, and ideally, fruit brushing functionality. It should also include a variable speed feature.
Two separation units were required, one for separating peel from pulp and seeds, and another for separating seeds from pulp.
The production line should have a capacity of 2000 kg/h.
An air drying device with a capacity of 150-160 kg/batch was needed for drying the seeds.
All materials must be made of stainless steel 304 or 316.
The drying temperature should be adjustable, ranging from 40°C to 120°C.
Tunisian customer purchases cactus juice processing line

Our Prickly Pear Juice Processing Solution:

Our engineering team thoroughly studied the customer's requirements and devised a tailor-made solution to meet their needs for a prickly pear juice processing line.
Firstly, we provided the customer with an automated production line, which included a conveyor belt equipped with water and air washing capabilities and, if possible, fruit brushing functionality. We incorporated a variable speed feature into the belt to accommodate their specific requirements. Additionally, we designed two separation units, one for peel and pulp+seed separation, and another for seed and pulp separation. These units ensured efficient separation results and high production capacity.
The production line's capacity met the customer's demand of processing 2000 kg/h of prickly pear fruits. To address the need for seed drying, we supplied an air drying device with a capacity of 150-160 kg/batch, ensuring proper drying of the seeds. All equipment was manufactured using stainless steel 304 or 316 materials to guarantee hygiene and durability.
Throughout the project, we maintained close communication with the customer. Our engineering team held multiple meetings and discussions with the customer's technical personnel to ensure that our solution aligned with their requirements and expectations.
To enhance the customer's trust in our products and services, we invited them to visit our demonstration factory. They witnessed our advanced manufacturing equipment and stringent quality control processes, further solidifying their confidence in our technical capabilities and expertise.
During the equipment installation and commissioning phase, our team of engineers collaborated closely with the customer's team to ensure smooth operations. We provided comprehensive operation training and after-sales support, enabling the customer to operate the equipment proficiently and achieve optimal production efficiency.
Through our professional service and excellent quality, we gained the trust and satisfaction of the customer. Despite minimal concessions in pricing, we successfully closed the deal with the Tunisian customer, delivering a high-quality prickly pear juice processing line. The customer highly praised our professional knowledge, innovative solutions, and service quality, expressing enthusiasm for future cooperation.
This customer deal case not only demonstrates our company's strength in custom equipment and customer service but also showcases our team's professional ability to address complex challenges and fulfill customer requirements. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality products and professional services, collaborating with customers to achieve shared business goals. We believe that through ongoing cooperation and outstanding performance, we will earn the trust and support of more customers, contributing to the development of the food processing industry.