Complete Fruit Juice Processing Plant

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Gelgoog provides customers with the most suitable juice processing plant solution for apple,orange,mango,carrot,banana.
More than just machinery and equipment, we can also customize the machine and production solutions and the design of the juice line plant according to the customer's details.

The following is the apple juice production line flow chart. We offer customized services based on customer rawmaterial materials and capacity requirements.
Raw material(Apple) - → elevator machine - → brush cleaning machine - → surf type washing machine - → stainless steel roller type inspection spray conveyor - → elevator - → hammer crusher - → low storage tank - → belt propeller single screw pump - → spiral juicer - → low storage tank - → stamping juice pump - → storage tank - → pump  →Outgassing device - → sterilization machine - → filling line

In addition, we also offer other juice fruit production lines, such as:
Apple pulp production line
Mango juice processing plant
Banana pulp production line
Carrot juice extractor machine
Pineapple juice production line
Orange juice processing line
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We use new technologies and new processes to optimize the combination of machinery with the best industrial technology data, making the equipment layout more scientific and reasonable. Its characteristics are reflected in: low disposable equipment investment; excellent fruit juice equipment manufacturing quality and engineering installation quality, ensuring the entire system process is reasonable, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, low operating and maintenance costs.
Technical Data
Machine Name Machine Size(mm) Power(Kw)
Bubble type washing machine 2600×1000×1600 4.75 
Sorting machine 3500×1000×1200 0.75 
Brush type cleaning machine 2500×700×1100 0.75 
Plate hoist 3000×900×2000 0.75 
Hammer crusher 1050×750×1800 4.00 
Forced feed pump 1500×370×420 1.50 
Spiral fruit juicer 1580×420×1400 4.00 
Temporary storage tank Φ1000×600 0.00 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Preheater 1500×460×1100 0.00 
Enzymatic hydrolysis tank Φ1200×1900 1.50 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Plate and frame filter 600×300×500 0.00 
Temporary storage tank Φ1000×600 0.00 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Diatomaceous earth filter 950×300×420 0.00 
Mixing tank Φ1450×2300 2.20 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
High pressure homogenizer 1300×1100×1300 22
Juice storage tank Φ1450×2000 0
Vacuum degasser 1850×1000×2300 1.5
Sterilizer machine 2000×1200×2000 5
Fruit juice finished can Φ1450×2000 0

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