Industrial Juice Pasteurizer Machine Price

Industrial Juice Pasteurizer Machine
juice pasteurizer machine
pasteurizer machine for juice
Pasteurizer machine for juice can completely simulate the production state of industrial pasteurization machine, integrating heating, sterilization, emulsification and cooling. The whole pasteurizer machine for juice is made of high quality stainless steel.
Industrial juice pasteurizer machine
What is pasteurizer machine?
Pasteurization is the process of treating water and certain packaging and liquids, such as milk and juice, with moderate heat to eliminate pathogens and extend shelf life. Generally, the heating temperature is lower than 212 ° F. During pasteurization, the enzyme was also inactivated.
In the process of pasteurization, the active ingredients of juice are preserved to a large extent to ensure the fresh and original taste of juice.
How do you use juice pasteurizer machine?
The juice pasteurizer machine is fully automatic. The operation is very simple. You just need to pour the juice into one end. Juice flows between a set of heating tubes or plates. After a set period of time (usually 15 seconds), most harmful bacteria can be killed. The juice then continues to flow between a set of cooling tubes and is then discharged from the outlet tube. Finally, bottle according to our packing.
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 The sterilization time and temperature can be adjusted and equipped with automatic temperature control device. The juice tank is equipped with a heat preservation device and a temperature compensation device, which effectively ensures the balance of the water temperature in the tank and the circulation of the sanitary pump for sterilization effect.
Technical Data
Name Model Power(KW) Dimension(MM) Weight(KG) sterilizing time sterilizing temprature
Juice Pasteurizing
GGJP50 4.5 650x650x1000 55 15seconds(adjustable) 65-95℃(adjustable)
GGJP70 6.5 750x750x1200 70
GGJP100 6.5/9.5(380V) 850x850x1350 85
GGJP150 6.5/9.5(380V) 950x950x1500 100
GGJP300 20(380V) 1100x1200x1800 185

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