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mini fruit juice pasteurizer
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Beverage Pasteurization Equipment Introduction:

The mini beverage juice pasteurizer is suitable for the process requirements of heating, sterilizing, heat preservation and cooling of heat sensitive liquids such as fresh milk, fruit juice drinks, and alcohol. This equipment has the characteristics of high heat recovery, energy saving and consumption reduction, compact structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
beverage pasteurization equipment

Small Scale Juice Pasteurization Equipment Working Principle:

The purpose of pasteurization is to extend the shelf life of juice by inactivating all microorganisms contained in the beverage that cause harmful chemical changes. Heat treatment makes the product biologically stable. Because the beverage pasteurization machine can kill the pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria contaminated in the beverage. Destroy the enzymes in the food and make the beverage in a specific environment, such as in a closed bottle, can or other packaging container, thereby extending the shelf life of the juice.

Mini Fruit Juice Pasteurizer Features :

1: 304 stainless steel material: the whole sterilizer is made of SUS304/SUS316L stainless steel, the casing gasket and seals are made of food-grade rubber, and the product pipe fittings are connected by sanitary pipe fittings, which meet the food safety testing standards required by the national health department;
2. Automatic control system: Sterilization time and temperature are adjustable and equipped with automatic temperature control device. The milk tank is equipped with a heat preservation device and a temperature compensation device, which effectively guarantees the balance of water temperature in the tank and ensures the sanitary effect of sterilization Stage pump circulation

Juice Pasteurizer Machine Price:

We provide different sizes of sterilization equipment, with output from 0.5t per hour to 50t per hour. This is small scale juice pasteurization equipment. We also have other type sterilization machine for your choice. There are different prices for different output. The sterilization temperature is 85-95°C. The holding time is usually 15-30s. The time and temperature can be adjusted automatically. For the specific selling price of the pasteurization machine, please fill in your needs in the message form, and our customers will provide suitable sterilization equipment according to your needs and send you a quotation for the sterilization machine.
Technical Data
Production capacity t/h 1 2 5 10
Heat exchanging area m2 8 13 28 52
Temperature of material inlet 5 5 5 5
Temperature of material outlet 5 5 5 5
Sterilizing temperature 85-95 85-95 85-95 85-95
Heat pressrvation period s 25 25 25 25
Ice water temperature 1 1 1 1
Ice water consumption multiple 3 3 3 3
Cooling water consumption multiple 2 2 2 2
Connector size mm ф32 ф38 ф51 ф51
Energy consumption kw 3 3 6 10
Outline dimensions mm 1500*1500*1800 1800*2000*1800 2200*2000*2000 2600*2000*2200

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