Ultra High Temperature Htst Milk Pasteurization Equipment For Sale

htst pasteurization equipment for sale

Htst pasteurization equipment for sale introduction:

Htst mean High Temperature Short Time. Ultra-high temperature sterilization machine can use ultra-high temperature to complete the sterilization work in a short time. Ultra-high temperature short-term sterilization can protect food taste as much as possible under the work of sterilization.
ultra high temperature milk pasteurizing
The sterilization process of the tubular ultra-high temperature sterilizer can not only be used for general products, but also can meet the special needs of customers, such as: long-term production of products with particles, medium and high viscosity products, such as cream, pure milk, and multiple products (milk , Fruit juice, cream) products with high viscosity; products with larger fiber and pulp particles; higher acidity; products that are corrosive to dead ends. Sterilize products at 120~140℃ high temperature and ultra-high temperature.

Ultra high temperature milk pasteurizing machine:

It has the characteristics of high heat recovery rate, compact and beautiful structure, and stable temperature control.
Control mode: semi-automatic control, fully automatic control (PLC control, touch screen display)
The system adopts a high-temperature treatment method to achieve strict sterilization of liquid dairy products, tea beverages, juices, etc., and then transfer them into aseptic packaging. The sterilization temperature is 135~140℃, and the heat preservation time is only 4~5 seconds. It is possible to maintain the original nutritious color and flavor of beverage dairy products.
Technical Data
Name   GGTG-7-1.6-35 GGTG-7-1.6-45 GGTG-7-1.6-58 GGTG-7-1.6-72
Production capacity t/h 2 3 4 5
Heat exchanging area m2 35 45 58 72
Temperature of material inlet 5 5 5 5
Temperature of material outlet 25 25 25 25
Sterilizing temperature 95-137 95-137 95-137 95-137
Heat preservation period S 15-4 15-4 15-4 15-4
Ice water consumption multiple 3 3 3 3
Cooling water consumption multiple 2 2 2 2
Energy consumption kw 10 10 12 14
Outline dimensions mm 4500*1900*1880 4500*1900*1880 4500*1900*1880 6500*2000*1880

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