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We are fruit and vegetable juice extractor machine manufacturer to making juice high will know what is a good juicer to buy,where to buy good juice extractor and how to use juice extractor machines.Contact Now.

1:Juice extractor with multifunction, industry use, and electric way

Our the fruit and vegetable juice extractor machine can be used for making juice with high quality. The juice making machine will be used for industry with the capacity .

  • Multifunctional extractor:  Our the fruit and vegetable juice making machine can be used for apple ,orange , pineapple, passion fruit juice,coconut and all kind healthy vegetable such as carrot,aojiru,kale, tomato, wheatgrass ect.
  • industry use extractor: We have different fruit juicer capacity for your choice, such as 0.5T/H,1.5T/H,2.5T/H. Our the juice making machine with high efficiency suitable for industry use in fruit juice business. The different fruit and vegetable have some difference on the capacity. Because the fruit and vegetable water content is different.
  • Electric juice extractor juicer: the machine is automatic and electric. We only need  to turn on the electric power, then the machine juicer will work.

2:What is a good juicer to buy

It is not good if you want start juice business without knowing of the what is good industry juicer. There are main point to be considered:easy to clean juicer,all in one juicer machine,stainless steel juicer,quality juicer and good price extractor.
  • Stainless steel juicer: Corrosion-resistant, non-rusting, easy to clean, durable, clean and hygienic. These are why we need juicer machine need to be made with stainless stell.
  • Easy to clean juicer: For the juice making machine, we need clean them in order to make the juice get food standard. We will save many labor and time if our juice maker is very easy to clean.
  • All in one juicer machine: One juicer that can process all the fruit will be the best choice. You dont need buy different type juice machine to get the different juice. Save many sets juicer cost.
  • Quality juicers for sale: we need buy one juice machine with high quality. We can not use one juice machine only within 6 months.
  • cheap juice extractor machines: everyone want to get one cheap juice machine. Then you need to buy fruit juice making machine from machine manufacturer. Juice extractor machine supplier can provide you low price.

what is good juicer to buy
3:Where to buy good juice extractor

If you want to buy a juice extracting machine, and dont know where to buy juice making machine, then contact us you will get one reliable juicer extractor fruit & vegetable manufacturer. We GELGOOG fruit vegetable process machinery company have been exported to more than 130 countries and regions, like Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Britain, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Ghana, Sudan, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK, and other markets.
Our machine Passed the Co,FAT,Form A,From B, Form C, Form E, From F, Form R, COC, PVOC, SONCAP, SGS SASO, ISO, CE,etc.
Contact us for get fruit and vegetable fruit extracting machine factory price.

4:How to use juice extractor machines:

Connect the electric power and press the start button. After the industry  juice making machine is started, it goes into normal work. We should maximize the slag clearance between the juicer handwheel and the nut. We then adjust the gap to gradually reduce it, depending on the slag. Finally fix the handwheel and nut, if the machine for juice making meets our requirements. In this way, we continuously put our fruits and vegetables into the feed port. Fresh juice will be obtained at the same time. Next you can deep-process the juice, sterilize or filled.

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Technical Data
Model Capacity Power(KW) Size
GG-0.5 0.5T/H 1.5+0.55KW 900*320*1100MM
GG-1.5 1.5T/H 4+1.5 KW 1560*450*1640MM
GG-2.5 2.5T/H 11+2.2KW 2200×600×1960MM

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