Commercial Apple And Pear Juice Processing Plant Apple Juice Machine

apple juice machine
pear juice processing machine
apple juice processing machine
apple juice processing plant
For the apple and pear, we can provide juice extraction machine. The fruit juice extractor machine can process 0.5T/H,1.5T/H,2.5T/H and more.  We also can provide you whole apple and pear juice line.

Apple and pear juice making machine introduction:
  • The apple was crushed using a stainless steel crusher. These apple pieces are then immediately loaded into a apple juice machine.
  • The apple juice extraction machine is suitable for the extraction of fruits and vegetables such as apple,pear,pineapple, carrot, cactus, etc. It has the functions of crushing, juicing and slagging.
  • The parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene standards.
  • Screens with different apertures can be selected according to the characteristics of the materials
  • Easy operation and easy maintenance.
apple jiuce machine
There are two type apple juicer machine .Both of them process step are similar, including fruit sorting, washing, juicing, clarification/homogenization, mixing, sterilization, filling and cooling. The difference between them is a process. A turbid juice was prepared by homogenization and a clarified juice was prepared by clarification. You can tell which type juice you need process.

Apple and pear juice processing plant equipment:
· Apple washing machine
· Broken juicer
· Apple pulper
· Juice homogenizer
· Juice filter
· Bottle filling machine
· Sterilizer
apple and pear juice production line
Leave message or contact us freely for your apple pear juice business. We will provide you whole fruit juice solution and help you get success in the fruit juice business. 
Technical Data
Apple and Pear Juice Processing Machine
Machine Name Machine Size(mm) Voltage(Kw)
Bubble type washing machine 2600×1000×1600 4.75 
Sorting machine 3500×1000×1200 0.75 
Brush type cleaning machine 2500×700×1100 0.75 
Plate hoist 3000×900×2000 0.75 
Hammer crusher 1050×750×1800 4.00 
Forced feed pump 1500×370×420 1.50 
Spiral fruit juicer 1580×420×1400 4.00 
Temporary storage tank Φ1000×600 0.00 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Enzyme killer 1500×460×1100 0.00 
Enzymatic hydrolysis tank Φ1200×1900 1.50 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Plate and frame filter 600×300×500 0.00 
Temporary storage tank Φ1000×600 0.00 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
Diatomaceous earth filter 950×300×420 0.00 
Mixing tank Φ1450×2300 2.20 
Juice pump 400×300×350 0.75 
High pressure homogenizer 1300×1100×1300 22
Juice storage tank Φ1450×2000 0
Vacuum degasser 1850×1000×2300 1.5
Sterilizer machine 2000×1200×2000 5
Fruit juice finished can Φ1450×2000 0

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