Bubble Type Washing Cleaning Machine For Vegetable And Fruit

vegetable washing machine
bubble washing machine vegetable and fruit
bubble washer machine
What is vegetable bubble washer machine?
The vegetacle bubble washing machine can cleaning variety of fruits, vegetables, aquatic products with bubble type function. The  buttble type washing machine can remove sediment and dust and surface pesticide. It can ba easy to clean and wash vegetables with high efficiency and without damage. Then you can deep process fruit or vegetable such as make fruit vegetable juice , or cutting them into differnt shape.
vegetable washing machine

Why you need bubble washing machine for vegetable and fruit?
  • You need a lot of processed vegetables, pre-processed vegetables and increase processing yield.
  • You have your own food processing plant, which requires efficient production of machinery to meet your business needs.
  • You want to start your vegetable processing business.And wants to meet its own production needs.
  • You want to expand your vegetable processing business.And wants to meet its own production needs.

Why choose Gelgoog vegetable cleaning machine?
  • The bubble washer machine can continuously feed and discharge when working, and has advanced design, convenient operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, health, safety and high efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for the vegetable processing industry.
  • The vegetable washing machine is equipped with a circulating water pump and a filtered water tank to realize the recycling of cleaning water, save water, and replace the new water according to the actual production situation.
  • The conveyor belt motor can realize the adjustment of the shifting function. The vegetables to be washed are transported through the net chain, and the material is automatically fed and automatically discharged. The conveying speed of the conveyor belt is adjusted according to the production needs.
  • The vegetable washing nachine is equipped with a spraying device. After the cleaning is completed, it is transported to the next process, and the product is sprayed to reduce secondary pollution.
  • Do not damage vegetables, save water, save electricity, save time, clean sanitation.

Technical Data
Model Heating Way Dimension Weight(KG) Capacity(KG)
GG-ZLD3500 Electric 3700*1400*2300 800 200
GG-ZLQ3500 Gas 3700*1700*2300 1200 200
GG-ZLD4000 Electric 4200*1400*2300 1000 300
GG-ZLQ4000 Gas 4200*1700*2300 1400 300
GG-ZLD5000 Electric 5200*1400*2300 1200 500
GG-ZLQ5000 Gas 5200*1700*2300 1600 500

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