Screw Type Juice Extractor Machine Commercial For Sale

screw type juice machine
screw type juice extractor machine
spiral juicer extractor machine
What is the screw type juice extractor machine commercial?
Our screw type juice extractor machine is mainly used for pressing ginger, asparagus, tomatoes, pineapples, apples, oranges, etc.You can get the fruit juice in this machine in one time. The device is a spiral propulsion extrusion, which utilizes the gradual reduction of the volume of the spiral cavity to form a pressing of the material, and is widely applied to the juice extraction and medicinal processing of fruits and vegetables. 
spiral juicer extractor machine
Why choose our spiral juicer extractor machine?
  • Square tube structure, pomace fiber is not easy to residue.The special butterfly screw for easy disassembly and cleaning.
  • The bottom of the bracket is perforated, and the fixing operation is more stable.
  • High juice rate. Fine juice without impurities.
  • Big capacity of 1-10 tons per hour adjustable.
  • Fast heat dissipation and long life.
  • Fully automatic, high intelligence automatic detection and adjustment.
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Technical Data
Model Capacity Powder Size
GG-1 1T/H 3kw 1400×385×810mm
GG-3 3T/H 11KW 2200×720×1360mm
GG-5 5T/H 22KW 2320×900×1780mm
GG-10 10T/H 30KW 2320×1100×2000mm

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