Commercial Pomegranate Deseeder Machine

commercial pomegranate deseeder
pomegranate deseeder video
pomegranate deseeder machine
How does a pomegranate Deseeder work

Pomegranate Deseeder Machine Introduction:

The commercial pomegranate deseeder machine is also called pomegranate peeling machine, which is used to remove the pomegranate skin without breaking the pomegranate seeds. The fresh pomegranate is cut, squeezed and separated, and the pomegranate seeds is transported to the press for the next process of production,such as pomegranate frozen machine.
The pomegranate deseeder machine is mainly used for the sale of intact pomegranate seeds and the pretreatment of pomegranate seeds quick freezing. It can be used for pomegranate pretreatment of pomegranate wine and pomegranate juice.
commercial pomegranate deseeder machine

How does a pomegranate Deseeder work?

This pomegranate deseeder is composed of body, cutter head, pusher screw, spindle and so on. The pomegranate seed removal machine is characterized by large production capacity, which can process one ton of fresh pomegranate in one hour. It runs smoothly and has low noise when working. After the material enters the hopper, the material is squeezed into the grinding area of the cutter head by the pushing screw, and the ground material is thrown out by the centrifugal force through the side groove of the knife row and falls into the lower groove.

Pomegranate Deseeder Video:

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