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The citrus processing into concentrated citrus juice has a history of decades, especially now that the emergence of frozen concentrated juice has brought benefits to the citrus processing industry and promoted the rapid development of the citrus processing industry. Concentrated citrus juice is made by squeezing citrus into raw juice and then using the method of concentration to evaporate part of the water. Concentrated citrus juice is rich in a large amount of vitamin C, folic acid and flavonoids, and has the effect of resisting prostate cancer, lung cancer and melanoma. Therefore, concentrated citrus juice is very popular among the public, so how is concentrated citrus juice processed?
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We have citrus processing solutions from farms to factories, and can provide concentrated citrus juice processing equipment, including citrus picking belts, citrus washing machine, citrus juice extraction equipment, citrus waxing equipment, citrus grading equipment, filtration and separation equipment, and degassing Concentration equipment, sterilization equipment and filling equipment, etc., and can provide citrus juice processing and production technology. The entire citrus juice production line uses high-quality materials, high work efficiency, and good performance. It is the best choice for citrus juice processors.

Citrus processing process:

Raw material citrus→ washing and grading → pressing and juicing→ filtering → adjustment → degassing and degreasing → pasteurization → concentration → packaging → finished product

The specific citrus processing steps are as follows:

1.Citrus washing and sorting. Choose citrus with a smooth appearance to prevent damage to the taste of citrus juice. For citrus cleaning, the citrus cleaning machine is used, which uses the bubble principle, which does not damage the surface of the citrus and cleans it.
2.Citrus extracting. When squeezing citrus, a special citrus juicer should be used to prevent impurities such as peel oil and white skin from being mixed into it. This will not only affect the taste of the finished juice, but also increase the hot odor during the heating process.
3. Filtration of citrus juice. When citrus juice is filtered, filter separation equipment is used, which can be carried out together with juice extraction, or it can be operated on a stand-alone machine.
4. Degas the citrus juice. The original citrus juice is very easy to oxidize, which will cause the color and taste of the juice to change. Therefore, it is necessary to degas and maintain the original appearance of the citrus juice.
5. Sterilization of citrus juice. In order to destroy various spoilage bacteria and various inactivated pectinase, ensure the hygienic standards of the use of fruit juice, and postpone the preservation of fruit juice, it is necessary to Citrus processing.
6. Concentrated citrus juice. Using degassing and concentrating equipment, the citrus juice is concentrated by freezing and concentrating.
7. Packaging and storage. There is no sterilization process during packaging, and there is no problem of juice deterioration due to heating.

Advantages of citrus processing equipment:

  • Excellent material, energy saving and emission reduction:
The citrus processing equipment: is made of high-quality stainless steel and complies with national safety standards. It is non-polluting and non-toxic to citrus, with a solid structure and low damage rate. It has a long service life, is easy to clean, and has the advantages of fast, efficient, and energy-saving.
  • High production efficiency and strong practicability:
The whole process of the citrus processing line is automated, which greatly saves labor costs, has high production efficiency, and reduces time costs. It has a wide range of applications, not only for making citrus juice, but also for making lemon juice, orange and other juices, with a high utilization rate.
  • Can be customized according to output requirements:
In the citrus processing production line, each part of the machinery and equipment has different specifications and different work efficiency machinery, you can customize according to your needs. You can also put forward your processing ideas, and we will select the equipment that suits you.
  • Good service for citrus processing solution:
We are a supplier of citrus processing solutions. We will solve your specific needs and help you realize the citrus processing and production business from farm to factory. We will give you citrus processing with low failure rate, long service life, strong practicability and high value equipment.
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