Sauce Production Line Chili Sauce Manufacturing Process

Chili Sauce Manufacturing Process

Chili sauce manufacturing process flow chart:

Pepper cleaning: First, fresh peppers are filtered and cleaned by a bubble cleaning machine
Pepper grinding: Then the pepper grinding equipment is transported through the net chain conveyor for grinding
Stirring and mixing: transfer the crushed fresh peppers to a stainless steel mixer, add the ingredients and mix thoroughly until uniform
Canning: The chili sauce after mixing is transported to the filling machine for filling.
 Chili Sauce production line

Pepper cleaning machine:

The pepper cleaning machine adopts high-pressure steam bath for cleaning, which is suitable for cleaning stems, leafy vegetables, mushrooms and Chinese herbal medicines. The cleaning ability is large, the cleaning rate is high, and the material is not damaged. It flows to the conveyor belt after rotating and catalyzing. The high-pressure water flow is cleaned on the belt and finally sent to the conveyor belt. The equipment is equipped with a bubble generating device and a high-pressure spray device to remove pesticide residues on the product surface.

Pepper grinder:

Pepper grinding machien also called chili sauce making machine.The chili sauce grinder can grind fresh chilies to obtain chili sauce. And there are different output for customers to choose.

Chili Sauce Making Machine Working video:

Chili Sauce Mixing and heating tank Machine

Large heating area, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency; The liquid boiling time is short, and the heating temperature is easy to control;
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