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The garlic packaging machine packs the peeled garlic granules inside the bottle by setting the weight of the packaging. If you need a nitrogen filling device for packaged garlic, we can also provide it.
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Garlic granule weighing and packaging equipment:

1. The garlic packaging machine is newly designed, with bright appearance, more reasonable structure and more advanced technology.
2. The garlic packaging machine adopts PLC computer control system, which is easy to operate.
3. The packaging machine for garlic has a variety of automatic alarm protection functions to minimize loss.
4. The bag shape is diversified, and can provide customers with pillow-shaped bags, gusseted bags, hanging hole bags, continuous bags, etc.
5: The weighing and packaging machine for garlic is widely used: it is suitable for garlic, quick-frozen food, french fries, candy, etc.
6: Garlic pack machine continuous work: It can be matched with other garlic processing machine: such as garlic breaking machine, garlic peeling machine, garlic washing machine, etc.

The value of peeled garlic weighing and packaging machine:

1: Save labor: save at least two jobs, no need to pay for additional workers by use the garlic packing machine..
2: Stable and efficient! It adopts dual frequency conversion control, the frequency converter adopts panasonic, or schneider frequency converter, panasonic PLC (PLC is equivalent to the brain of the entire machine), high efficiency, more stable, avoiding artificial self-working status, emotional fluctuations, long-term fatigue and other factors. More or less things appear when packing.
3: Increase production. It is suitable for factories that pack garlic in large quantities, or garlic processing that has higher requirements for garlic packaging quality.
4: Humanized design, easy to install and disassemble. We have professional and technical personnel to teach you how to operate the garlic packaging machine. Let one or two of your operators learn about the operation and maintenance of machine equipment. For better operation and use of machinery.
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