Automatic Garlic Bulb Separating Machine

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What is the garlic separating machine:
The garlic  bulb separate machine is used to separate garlic bulbs into cloves. The working principle is using standard rubber rollers for food product to break the garlic bulb into clove .It is also applied the exclusive developed pressure adjustable method to ensure the products for different size of garlic bulb.After seperate garlic, there can use garlic peeling machine to peel garlic skin. 

Why you need Garlic Clove Separate machine:
  • Low separate rate by people
  • Large labor cost to separate if manual
  • Keep your hands more safe
  • Start your garlic process business
  • Use your garlic farm

Why choose gelgoog garlic separating machine:
  • High separating rate:the split rate can reach more than 95%.
  • Low damage rate.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Suitable for different species and size of the garlic:Exclusively developed pressure adjustable method by our technical staff studying.
  • Blower :There's a blower equipped inside the machine which can blow some garlic skin away while operating. 
  • It only needs one person to operate it. 
  • Whole garlic process solution: We also have other garlic process machine such as garlic peeling machine,garlic paste machine and garlic cutting machine for your choice.
automatic garlic separating machine china
Technical Data
Model GGDF-1000   
Material stainless steel 304
Input voltage 220v-50HZ/60HZ
Total power 1800W
Size 60*120*125(cm)

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