Garlic Root Cutting Machine Concave Type

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What is the garlic cutting machine with concave type:
Usually, we cut garlic with flat type when we get garlic from land. Flat Type garlic cutting machine is used to remove garlic stem. And the concave type garlic cutting machine is used for cut the garlic bottom. Like in the pic.
garlic root cutting machine
Why choose Gelgoog garlic root cutting machine :
  • Keep study machine to provide best machine for customer. Recently we have study one new type garlic cutting machine. The New Type garlic cutting machine introduction : The base of garlic contact is made of PU material ,Anti-slip function, better cutting effect.
  • Provide you suitable machine quotation. We can provide you different demands and capacity to meet your need.
 automatic garlic root cutting machine
Why you need garlic root cutting machine:
  • Save your time: High speed: the use of conveyor belt continuous transport, then transport will cut roots, smooth working speed, remove the garlic 2-4 per second.
  • Resection of small: a special tool design, greatly reducing the removal of garlic area, an increase of garlic recovery.
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Technical Data
Model GG-DQ-4
Power 380V 50Hz 1.5kw
Air Supply More than 0.8Mpa
Dimension 3500*1200*1500mm
Weight 450KG
Cutter 4pcs
Capacity 400-500KG/H
Material Material Contact Part for 304 Stainless Steel, other parts for carb on steel

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