Automatic Garlic Stem Root Cutting Machine

garlic root cutting machine
garlic stem cutting machine
garlic stem root cutting machine
garlic cutting machine
What is garlic root cutting machine:
The fresh garlic root cutting machine is suitable for removing the fresh garlic roots hairs and cutting the stems. The finished product after our the machine is the garlic head.  It is will be easy for seperating garlic and peeling garlic skin. We also have machine to cut garlic bottom
Why you need garlic root cutting machine ?
  • You are a garlic farm, and need to process fresh root then to sell garlic.
  • You use for yourself. You own many garlic and dont have time to cut them by yourself. Because that cost a lot of time. You need use time to earn more money, not waste time to cut root by manual.
  • You are garlic busines man. This is garlic pre-process. Then it is better for garlic deep process such as garlic peeling and packing. 
  • You want start your garlic business.
  • You need to expand your garlic business.
automatic garlic root cutting machine China

Why choose gelgoog garlic root cutting machine:
  • The galric root cutting machine is easy to move for its small and light, 
  • The machine can provide two person working capacity.Two person can stand by the machine sides at the same time. It imrpove the garlic process efficiency.
  • The size of the garlic bumps cut is adjustable.
  • Cutting root and sprout one time, high speed and high efficiency,energy-saving.
  • Everyone can operate the machine. It is very easy to use. You can see from the garlic root cutting machine video. Also have Garlic peeling process line for choce. 
Technical Data
Model GGDQ2
Power 0.37kw
Capacity 500-600kg/h
Size 650*650*700mm
Weight 40KG

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