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In the garlic processing project report, I will show you some information about garlic and garlic processing unit.

Industrial garlic processing :

Mainly focus on fresh garlic and dried garlic, dehydrated garlic products and garlic oil processing. Processing garlic into fine products, such as health food, seasoning powder, garlic oil, etc., has a good market prospect. The market for garlic powder is huge, and garlic powder is a high-quality condiment.
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The peeled and quick-frozen garlic granules in small packages are very popular in Europe, America, Japan and other places. After European and American countries carry out simple peeling and quick-freezing of garlic imported from China, garlic granules appear in small packages in supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, and their value has doubled.
Current development prospects of garlic processing project report:
Even if the price of garlic rises, farmers who grow garlic cannot make a lot of money. This is not just garlic, but many agricultural products on the market are like this, because agricultural products are primary products with low added value.
In addition to raw garlic, there is currently a strong demand for deep-processed garlic products in the international market, and the market prospects are broad.

Garlic processing companies:

Garlic processing companies are mostly located in countries with relatively large garlic receipts. Such as China, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, South Korea, Russia, Myanmar and so on. We are a garlic processing equipment company. If there are customers who need garlic processing equipment, you can contact us at any time.

Garlic processing unit detail introduction:

Garlic leaf and root cutter:

The stems of garlic can be cut off to facilitate further processing of garlic. The garlic root cutting machine is small, convenient for customers to move the machine position. It is suitable for many occasions, can be used in the field, can also be used in small garlic processing factories, and can also be used side by side in industrial garlic processing plants.

Garlic bulb breaker machine price:

The natural air-dried garlic is broken. Because before the garlic is peeled, we need to divide the garlic into one clove. Only then can the skin of garlic be removed. Artificial broken valve wastes time and energy, and it has already been eliminated and used by people. People need more efficient garlic processing machine.

Garlic peeling machine:

Use our industrial garlic peeler to replace the manual garlic peeling operation. The garlic cloves processed by the garlic separating machine are put on the conveyor belt where the garlic is peeled.The peeled garlic will get out. The garlic peeling machine can work continuously and is suitable for garlic processing plan.

Garlic cleaning machine:

Our garlic washing machine can remove dirt on the surface of garlic. A lot of air bubbles will be generated during the operation of the garlic washing machine. Under the action of the air bubbles, the machine can clean the garlic very cleanly and will not damage the surface of the garlic. It is the first choice for customers who have garlic cleaning needs. All garlic processing machine can be connected to work together. The fully automatic garlic processing requirements can be realized.

Garlic air drying machine:

Transport the cleaned garlic to our garlic air-drying equipment. The air dryer removes the moisture on the surface of the washed garlic. Can accelerate the output of the entire garlic processing line. Because it takes a lot of time to remove the water by natural drying.

Garlic grading machine:

For the garlic grading machine, we can process garlic cloves and garlic granules. Two different kinds of garlic can be processed by grading. Tell us your needs and provide suitable garlic grading machine and price.

Garlic slicer:

For garlic cutting machine, such as garlic slicer,garlic chopper, garlic paste grinder,etc. Different vegetable cutters have different garlic processing requirements. The sliced garlic can be dried out.The ground garlic can be made into seasoning.

Garlic dehydration machine:

The sliced garlic and the whole garlic can be dried and processed. The drying equipment has different heating methods, both electric heating and air heating can be selected. Customers can choose according to their local conditions.

Process of making garlic powder:

Put the dried garlic into the garlic powder making machine, under the condition that the moisture content is less than 8%, the garlic can be ground into powder. 

Garlic freezing machine:

In garlic processing machine, quick-freezing equipment is also an important process steps. The washed garlic can be quickly frozen and then refrigerated. We have different garlic quick freezing equipment for customers to choose from. Not only provide quick-freezing equipment, but also provide garlic storage problems after quick-freezing. The entire quick-frozen garlic solution is given to customers.

Garlic packaging machine:

The garlic packaging machine is the last step of the garlic processing line. The packaging of garlic is generally different for different finished garlic products. Common garlic packaging includes weighing packaging, vacuum packaging, and nitrogen-filled packaging. The size and output can be customized. Meet customers' needs for customized garlic solutions.
Regarding garlic processing report update information, you can contact us for more information, or provide garlic video processing download service.
It is imperative to accelerate the industrialization of garlic processing. To solve the above problems, the most important thing is to actively carry out technological innovation, increase the technological content of garlic products, and carry out deep processing. It is not difficult to achieve product upgrades, and the prospects for deep processing are very broad.
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