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For garlic powder production line, the garlic powder grinder machine is a crucial step. During the operation of the usual garlic powder grinder, some smiling powder will fly into the air, which will affect the working environment of the workers. Our garlic powder making machine is equipped with a vacuum cleaner that is very good at avoiding this problem.
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Q1. What kind of  materials can be grinded by  the garlic powder grinder machine?
Coal, gypsum, salt, sugar, various seasonings, pepper, pepper, fennel, fennel, cinnamon, herbs, spices
Q2. What are the material processing requirements?
The moisture content of the material is less than 5%, and the oil content is less than 20%.
Q3. What is the fineness of the powder grinding machine?
The general material is 20-120 mesh, the theory is the finest to 120 mesh, and 100 mesh is the best in actual use.
Q4. What is the garlic powder making machine consumables?
Screen, pulley, bearing, smashing outer knife
Q5. How to adjust the fineness of the finished product?
By changing the screen size, the screen size is 85*910mm
Q6. Water cooling device settings
When the material is highly sensitive to heat (at 50 °C), the water cooling device can be added, that is, the water-cooling jacket is added in the crushing chamber, and the cooling water is circulated in the crushing chamber to achieve the purpose of cooling.
Technical Data
ModelG G--20B-C GG-30B-C GG40B-C GG60B
Capacity(kg/h) 60-150kg/h 100-300kg/h 160-800kg/h 500-1500kg/h
Revolution of spindle 4500r/min 3800r/min 3400r/min 2800r/min
Grinding size 10-200 mesh
Crusher motor 4kw 5.5kw 11kw 15kw
Cleaner motor 0.75kw
Dimension (mm) 550*600*1250 600*700*1450 800*900*1550 1000*900*1680
Weight (kg) 250 320 550 680

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