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IQF garlic is also called freezing garlic. It is well-loved for its good color, fresh taste and easy storage. The freezing fresh garlic is very popular in the international market. G arlic freezing processing can be a good choice for deep-processing garlic products.
freezing fresh garlic

How to produce freezing peeled garlic?


Acceptance of raw materials:

The requirements for garlic are basically complete, free from rot, damage, pests and other defective products and inclusions.

Broken clove:

The garlic is broken through our garlic clove breaking equipment. Get garlic granules.


Peel the separated garlic with a garlic peeling machine. We have two type garlic peeling machine. Small type one and automatic continuous garlic peeling one which can processing 1000kg garlic per hour, will suitable for automatic garlic process plant.

Garlic Grading:

According to customer requirements according to the size of garlic. Customers can freely choose whether they need garlic grading process


Manual picking can remove defective products and inclusions such as pests and diseases, poor color, damage, dry scars, rot, spots, etc. Customers with sufficient budget can also choose the garlic color sorter.


The garlic rice that has passed the inspection is soaked in 100 mg/L sodium hypochlorite solution for 15 minutes to achieve the purpose of killing pathogenic bacteria on the surface.

Garlic Washing:

Rinse with running water to wash away the residual solution of sodium hypochlorite.

Air Drying :

Use an air dryer to remove the moisture on the surface of the garlic.

Garlic Quick-freezing:

Put the garlic rice that has passed the above-mentioned series of treatments into the mesh-belt quick-freezing equipment. The temperature inside the production machine is below -25℃, and the center temperature of the product after quick freezing is below -18℃.

Garlic Packaging:

Packaging must be carried out in a dedicated clean and hygienic packaging room, and the temperature of the controlled space is required to be within 0~10℃.
Refrigeration: the packaged products should be put in the warehouse in time. In order to ensure the product quality requirements: the warehouse temperature should be kept at -20±2℃, and the center temperature of the finished product should be below -18℃

What type of factory needs our garlic freezing machine:

The main body is refrigerated enterprises and garlic processing and export enterprises. The cold storage owned by large-scale processing and export companies mainly serves the company. The operating modes of small and medium-sized cold storage mainly include self-storage, deposit and lease. Self-preservation is responsible for the purchase, preservation and sales of garlic, garlic moss and other vegetables. Deposit on behalf of others is to provide technology and equipment for others to refrigerate garlic or other vegetables, and to charge cold storage fees. Lease is to rent out the cold storage, only provide the venue and equipment, and charge a rental fee. In addition to the cold storage that is stored and rented, other cold storages are responsible for the re-grading and packaging of products
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