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The garlic paste making machine is used for grinding garlic into paste. For the garlic process machine, we also have garlic separate machine and peeling machine and others. The garlic paste grinding machine has the super function in superfine grinding, mixing and hormogeneity. Compacted structure, stable working, low noise, rust-proof, easy to clean and maintain.
Why choose gelgoog garlic ginger paste making machine ?
1. Multifunctional and compact structure.
2. Adopting the latest technology of wet particle processing.
3. The peanut can be directly made into peanut butter without pre-crushing.
4. No residue, retaining all the dietary fiber grains, nutritious and cost-efficient.
How to make garlic paste ?
  1. Prepare peeled garlic
  2. Put it into the machine hopper
  3. Prepare a container for garlic
  4. Turn on the machine
  5. Then you will get your garlic paste
The garlic paste making machine works by the cutting, grinding, and high-speed mixing. It grinds on the relative movement of the disc-shaped bevel. One rotates with high speed, the static one will make the material get great shear force and friction, to achieve effective grinding, emulsification, crushing, dispersion and homogenization for a fine ultrafine particles smashing effect.

Technical Data
Model  Model Mesh(um) Cpacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size  Weight
(mm) (kg)
Grinding Machine GGJMS-50 2-50 0.005-0.03 1.1/1.5 530×260×580 70
GGJMS-80 0.07-0.5 4 680×380×930 210
GGJMS-110 0.3-1.2 7.5 750×450×1000 280
GGJMS-130 0.4-2.0 11月15日 990×450×1100 400
GGJMS-180 0.8-6.0 18.5/22 1000×480×1150 450
GGJMS-240 4.0-12 37/45 1330×650×1300 1000
GGJMS-300 6.0-25 75/90 1450×630×1420 1600

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