Garlic Drying Machine Dehydrated Garlic Powder Machine

garlic dryer machine
dehydrated garlic powder machine
garlic drying machine
garlic ginger drying machine
garlic dryer machine
This garlic dehydration machine is used to dry garlic. Has the advantages of fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity and good product quality.
Suitable for: garlic, ginger, apple slices, medicinal materials, etc
dehydrating onions and garlic
Compared drying garlic by sun, GELGOOG garlic drying machine can be fully automated. The garlic dryer machine can effectively shorten the time required to dry garlic slices, and it does not require a large space and is not affected by the weather. It is an ideal drying equipment for many large garlic powder processing manufacturers.
Dehydrated garlic powder machine is a large-scale vegetable drying machine. It consists of mesh belt drying box, heat source, feeding and discharging system, power distribution cabinet, induced draft fan, etc. After being sliced, the garlic enters the inside of the drying box from the feeder, and moves from top to bottom under the action of the multi-layer mesh belt. The heat generated by the heat source is blown to the bottom of the drying box by the induced fan, and passes through the layers The mesh belt and material layer take away the moisture and moisture inside the garlic slices, to achieve the purpose of uniform drying.
The garlic drying machine drying process only need very litter manual labor to be responsible for feeding and discharging. Save a lot of labor costs. Indispensable drying machine for garlic processing business.
Technical Data
Model GGHX2-2
Number of drying cars 2
Number of Baking tray 48
Door 2
Circulating fan(Set) 1(0.75KW)
Draining fan (set) 1(0.55KW)
Heating power (KW) 18
Pre-package size (MM) 2.5x1.2x2.35
Weight before packaging (KG) 760
Packaged size (MM) 2.63x1.36x2.26
Weight after packaging (KG) 830
Capacity(KG) 144

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