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Garlic Clove Production Line Introduction:

The garlic clove production line consists of elevator, garlic separate machine, garlic peeler, elevator, washing machine, and air dryer. The garlic production line can also be equipped with garlic slicers, dehydration machine, garlic paste grinders, garlic powder machine, picking belts and other equipment for deep garlic processing.
Automatic garlic production Line
We are experts in designing and manufacturing garlic production lines, which are mainly used for the separation and peeling of garlic cloves. Our garlic clove separation and peeling production line is the advanced ideal equipment for garlic processing.

Garlic clove peeling production line processing steps:

1: Put the de-rooted garlic into the elevator and send it to the garlic clove separator;
2. Transport the separated garlic cloves to the garlic peeling machine through the elevator
3. The peeled garlic enters the picking belt, and the bad garlic can be picked manually
4. The picked garlic enters the washing machine to clean the garlic.
5: The cleaned garlic passes through our air dryer to remove the surface moisture.
6. Deep processing, packaging or drying and grinding of garlic
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