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Garlic frying machine
fried garlic granule production line
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Garlic is very common in life, and the state of garlic is also different. There are garlic powder, garlic paste, fresh peeled garlic, fried garlic and more.

Fried Garlic Granule Production Line Flow chart:

Garlic cloves Separating Machine ——-garlic Peeling Machine——-Garlic Slice Cutting Machine ——-Garlic Frying Machine——Garlic Deoing Machine——-Fried Garlic Cooling——Fried Garlic Packaging
Fried Garlic Granule Production Line

Automatic Garlic frying Machine Features :

  • Pot deep fryer can be used in middle food processing plant.
  • Pot can be customized into 1000mm,1200mm and 1500mm.
  • Gas or electricity heating.
  • Automatic material discharge,no need people handle the machine all time. 
When frying products are processed, the oil can provide rapid and uniform heat conduction, the surface temperature of the garlic rises rapidly, the water vaporizes, and a dry layer appears on the surface to form a hard shell. 
Then, the moisture vaporization layer migrates to the inside of the fried garlic, and when the surface temperature of the garlic rises to the same level of the hot oil, the internal temperature of garlic also gradually get increases. 
At the same time, the caramelization reaction occurs on the surface of the fried garlic, and some substances are decomposed to produce the unique color and aroma of the fried garlic. 
Technical Data
Model GGYZE1000 GGYZQ1000
Heating Way Electric Gas
Power Mixing:0.37KW
Gas burner:10w
Machine Size 1500*1400*1700 2100*1400*1700
Weight 400 700
Capacity About 40kg/time About 40kg/time
Fry Box Size φ1000*400 φ1000*400
Fuel consumption 320 320
Air consumption   12m³
Burner   10W

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