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Small Scale Lettuce Processing Factory

rqi Apr 14 2022 By admin
As consumers become more concerned about sustainability, they are considering more local or seasonal fresh produce when choosing products, further driving the trend towards all-natural, additive-free food processing. processing washed lettuce is an important part of today's highly regarded light salads. The texture of lettuce is crisp and tender, the taste is fresh and fragrant, and the requirements for freshness are relatively high. It is a good choice to build a small-scale lettuce processing plant.
processing lettuce small scale

1. Advantages of Small-scale Processing of Lettuce

Today, lettuce is compressed into a few hours from harvest to table. Small-scale lettuce processing can avoid the backlog of raw materials in the lettuce harvesting process, improve the efficiency of the lettuce production line processing process, and realize the good operation of the supply chain. The planting and harvesting of lettuce is not limited by the season, and the continuous supply of raw materials maximizes the efficiency of small-scale processing of lettuce.

2. Processing Pre-washed Lettuce

In the process of planting lettuce, pesticides, fertilizers and bacteria are easily attached to the surface of lettuce. When handling prewashed lettuce, do not remove the stems. In addition, the traditional immersion cleaning method can cause the accumulation of harmful substances. The lettuce cleaning equipment simulates manual washing to ensure the safety of lettuce consumption, while improving the cleanliness of the lettuce without causing damage to the leaves.

3.Lettuce Processing Steps

In the small-scale lettuce processing production line, the processing of lettuce mainly includes sorting, cleaning, air-drying, packaging, etc.

1.Lettuce Picking .

On the belt conveyor, the yellow leaves and inedible parts are removed manually.
lettuce picking belt for lettuce processing factory

2. Wash The Lettuce.

The use of bubble cleaning machine can save water, improve work efficiency and save labor costs while ensuring cleaning effect and quality.
automatic lettuce washing machine for sale

3. Lettuce Air Drying

Washed lettuce, if the surface moisture is not removed in time, the shelf life will be greatly shortened. You can shake off most of the water on the surface of the lettuce by shaking the drainer; the air-knife air dryer can dry the water in the folds of the lettuce from multiple angles.
industrial lettuce drying machine price

4. Washed Lettuce Packing.

The packaged lettuce can avoid secondary pollution and is conducive to logistics transportation.
automatic vegetable packing machine
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