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Orange Processing Machine Industrial

rqi Jun 24 2022 By admin
We often see beautifully lustrous, neatly arranged, well-packaged oranges in supermarkets, and we must be curious about how they are processed. This article will introduce the information of orange processing from the orange processing industry, Orange Processing Products.

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1. Orange Processing Industry

There are 135 countries in the world's five continents that produce oranges, and the planting area and annual output rank first among all the fruits. With the development of the economy, people's demand for oranges has risen rapidly, which has led to the gradual trend of large-scale cultivation of oranges, the continuous increase of production efficiency and production scale, and the gradual establishment of some brands, which has made great progress in the standardization of the industry. Facing better development opportunities.
With the industrial application of new technologies and new equipment in the orange processing industry, the quality of orange products will continue to improve, which will further enhance the market competitiveness of orange products.

2. Orange Processing Products

1. orange washing and waxing

After grading, washing, waxing, and packaging, the oranges have an extended shelf life and can be exported.

2. Orange juice making

Oranges, like other fruits, can be further processed into juice. Freshly squeezed orange juice from oranges, sweet and sour, very popular.

3. Canned oranges

There are many canned pineapples, canned yellow peach, canned Sydney, etc. on the market, and oranges can also be processed into cans, which have good flavor and can prolong the shelf life.

4. Marmalade

Oranges are processed into marmalade, which can be used for salads, cooking and seasoning to remove fishy smell, and can also be used to make juice with marmalade.
In addition, oranges can also be processed into orange sugar, orange wine and other foods.
orange process product

3. Orange processing equipment

Oranges sold as fresh fruits should be cleaned, waxed, graded, and packaged after harvest to improve the commerciality of the oranges and increase revenue.

1. Orange Washing

Through the bubble cleaning machine, simulate the manual operation to remove the dust on the surface of the orange.

2. Washed Orange Air Dryer

With an air dryer, the surface of the oranges can be dried to prepare them for further processing.

3. Orange Waxer

The waxing process requires the use of additives that meet the standards, in the form of mist spraying, the wax spraying is even and does not damage the fruit, the surface is clean after waxing, and the brightness is high, which effectively inhibits the respiration of oranges and plays a role in preserving freshness.

4. Orange Grader

Through grading fruit selection, the sorted oranges can be uniform and uniform, and they are more beautiful and attractive after packaging, and can be sold at a higher price.
The orange cleaning and waxing production lines developed by our company all use intelligent control frequency conversion motors to effectively reduce energy consumption; the production line adopts fully automatic assembly line production from cleaning, which saves labor costs and effectively improves efficiency; it has a wide range of applications and can be applied to apples , pears, oranges, grapefruit and other fruit and vegetable materials, and can be customized according to the production volume and materials.
If you have questions about orange processing, etc., feel free to contact us. Our company is willing to be the booster of your career and provide you with professional whole-process services at all times
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