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Machines to Process Carrot Field Processing Equipment

rqi Apr 11 2022 By admin
Carrots have a lot of water and are rich in carotene and various vitamins. They are a well-deserved healthy food. Since the price of carrots is closely related to freshness, carrot field processing equipment is popular with large growers.

Processing Carrots In The Field Necessity:

1. Keep carrot fresh. Processing carrots in the field can effectively reduce the time for multiple shipments, compress the time from field to table, reduce wastage, keep materials fresh, and increase sales time.
2. Save logistics costs. The general model is that after the carrots are harvested, they are transported to the processing workshop, and after the processing is completed, they are transported to the demander through logistics. Processing carrots in the field removes the soil, which not only increases the number of single shipments, but also reduces multiple shipments to one shipment, which greatly reduces logistics costs.
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Commonly Used Carrot Field Processing Equipment:

1. Carrot Harvester

Large carrot harvesters dig carrots out of the soil in batches and remove carrot leaves. The automation of the harvesting process has greatly reduced the overall processing time of carrots.

2. Carrot Washer

Carrots grow underground, and there is a lot of sediment on the surface of the harvested carrots. Carrot cleaning generally uses a brush cleaning machine. The operating brush effectively removes the sediment on the surface of the carrot. The circulating water and spray washing improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning rate on the basis of saving water.

3. Carrot Washing And Peeling Machine

Although washed carrots are easy to transport, they still need to be peeled and washed after purchase. For the current vegetable cleaning processing needs, a carrot washing and peeling machine, that is, a brush peeling machine, has been developed. At the same time of cleaning, the epidermis is removed and the soil and epidermis are effectively separated. However, it is worth noting that the fresh-keeping time of carrots after washing and peeling is greatly shortened, which is more suitable for supplying central kitchens and large-scale catering processing enterprises.

In addition, in order to facilitate transportation and keep carrots clean, the field processing equipment for carrots also needs to use air knife air dryers, packaging machines, etc.
The above carrot field processing equipment realizes automatic production through auxiliary equipment. And can be customized according to site conditions, suitable for processing root vegetables, to achieve multi-purpose machine, improve capital efficiency.
Our company can customize the production line solution of carrot field processing equipment for you according to your actual situation. If you have any questions about carrot field processing equipment, we are honored to answer your questions and help you create greater value in the field of food processing.
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