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How to deal with processed carrots? How to increase the added value of carrots? Whether you are processing carrots in the field or setting up a carrot processing plant, we can provide suitable carrot processing equipment solutions according to your specific needs. If you need carrot field processing equipment, see the article. In carrot processing equipment for field main consist carrot washing machine, carrot washing and peeling machine, carrot air drying machine, carrot packing machine and others. 
For carrot processing equipment, our company provides carrot washing line, carrot juice line, dried carrot production line, fried carrot chips production line, carrot powder production line, etc.
This article mainly introduces the carrot washing processing method. If you need other carrot processing lines, you can leave a message to tell us. We will provide carrot processing solutions according to your needs.

Carrot Processing Flow Chart Show:

1: carrot washing machine for first washing step for carrot processing.

The main function of this carrot washing machine is washing and soaking. It can soften the soil on the carrot and clean it by air bubbles. This is the preliminary cleaning of the carrot.
The water in the carrot washing sink can be automatically recovered, cleaned and transported. After cleaning, it is directly transported to the brush type carrot cleaning machine.
This carrot cleaning not only uses cleaning carrots, but also has a wide range of applications. It can be used for cleaning or peeling root vegetables and Chinese medicinal materials. The carrot washing machine material meets the national food hygiene requirements, and the whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel.

2:Carrot secondary cleaning and peeling processing

Through the previous soaking and initial washing, the carrot cleaning machine is mainly cleaned by the friction between the nine hair rollers and the carrots.
The carrot peeling machine wool roller is made of clinker nylon from a well-known high-quality manufacturer, with strong wear resistance and longer service life.
The operation is simple, the floor space is small, and the cost recovery is fast.

3:Air-drying equipment in the carrot processing process

There is a lot of moisture on the surface of the washed carrots. In order to facilitate storage and packaging, the moisture on the surface needs to be removed. The carrot cleaning and air-drying equipment uses air-knife-type air outlets for draining, and can use flip-type and parallel-type conveying methods (optional). Each air dryer carrot processing can be equipped with about 8-20 fans, which must be prepared according to the length of the equipment.
The carrot air dryer adopts high air volume and low noise natural wind to dry, and has a reverse air device, which has a good drying effect and effectively removes large areas of water droplets on the vegetables, shortens the packing time and improves work efficiency. The conveying adopts stepless speed regulation, and the conveying is stable.
Mainly applicable to various fruits, vegetables, medicinal materials, seafood, food, meat, agricultural products, etc.

4:The last step of carrot processing process-packaging machine:

Before using the packaging machine for carrots, determine the form of packaging. It requires vacuum packaging, pillow packaging, etc. After confirming the packaging form, confirm the size of the package and the weight of the package.
After confirming, you can contact us to inform your needs, and we will provide you with suitable carrot packaging equipment.
Taking a carrot packaging form that is most popular with customers as an example, let's explain the instructions and introduction of carrot packaging equipment. Before using vacuum packaging, it is necessary to manually pack the bag first, and then use the vacuum packaging machine to vacuum for packaging. The vacuum packaging machine is divided into single-chamber and double-chamber as well as continuous vacuum packaging machines.

Carrot packaging operation method:
Put the bag on the sealing strip, use the pressure strip to fix the sealing part of the bag, and then press down the lid, which will formally vacuumize. After vacuuming, according to the material and the material of the bag, the general vacuuming time is 1 minute once . In this way, the vacuum can be continuously drawn. When one side of the double chamber is vacuumed, the other side can be manually placed, which saves time by working back and forth.
The above are carrot washing line main processing steps. Of course, we provide suitable carrot processing line solutions according to the needs of customers, and each customer's different needs will correspond to different carrot cleaning solutions. Contact us for your carrot processing line.
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