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Moringa Leaf Powder Manufacturing Process Steps

rqi Apr 27 2022 By admin

The moringa leaf powder manufacturing process steps are moringa cleaning machine, leaf dryer machine, leave powder grinding machine and packing machine. There are more informations,welcome see it.

Moringa leaf powder benefits:

Moringa has obvious effects in treating cardiovascular diseases, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, promoting digestion, improving vision, improving digestion and absorption, delaying aging, improving skin, regulating the respiratory system and central nervous system.
how to dry moringa leaf
Moringa leaves can be developed into a series of functional foods. Its mainstream products are pure natural and nutritious foods. Other moringa powder can be produced into different forms of products such as tablets, drinks, oral liquids and food additives according to the market.
Moringa leaf powder is made of selected fine young Moringa leaves and superfinely crushed. The extract of dried leaf powder has a very effective inhibitory effect on the central nervous system and can effectively reduce blood sugar levels within 3 hours. It can also help improve, prevent diseases, improve sleep, enhance memory, delay aging, etc.
Therefore, Moringa powder is a very useful processed medicinal material. Good processed Moringa leaves can benefit producers a lot.

The main steps of moringa leaf powder manufacturing process:

Moringa leaf powder is widely used in daily life. What is the processing process from fresh Moringa leaf to Moringa powder? The following is an answer to the main processing flow of Moringa leaf powder, from Moringa leaf washing to drying of Moringa leaf to grinding of Moringa leaf.

Washing the Moringa leaves:

Washing the Moringa leaves is the first important step in moringa leaf powder manufacturing process. With our Moringa leaf washing machine, Moringa leaf leaves can be cleaned to remove dirt. Customers can also add 1% salt solution to the water to wash the leaves for 3-5 minutes, which can remove the Moringa leaf microorganisms. Finally, rinse with clean water again. We can get cleaned Moringa leaves.
The cleaned Moringa leaves can remove water from the surface under the action of air-drying machine. In this way, the Moringa leaves can be put into the drying machine for dehydration treatment.

There are main three processing methods for drying Moringa leaves:

Dry moringa leaves in the oven

This is a way of lower drying cost while ensuring the drying quality. The heat source of the drying equipment has electric heating and gas heating. Customers can choose the heating method that suits them in local.
moringa leaves drying temperature should be between 50°C and 55°C. If the temperature exceeds 55°C, Moringa  leaves will turn brown due to the high temperature, so that the color of Moringa powder will not look good. Moringa leaves should be dried to a moisture content of less than 10%. We recommend this method for large-scale drying and processing of Moringa  leaves, because it can ensure annual production.

Drying moringa leaves in microwave:

Microwave drying equipment transfers Moringa  leaves into the microwave cavity of the microwave drying equipment and uses microwaves for drying. At the same time, use a dehumidifier to discharge the moisture in the microwave cavity of the microwave drying equipment; when the moisture content of the Moringa leaves is 0.5%-3%, discharge the material at a temperature of 45-55°C;

Drying moringa leaves in the sun:

Use the energy of the sun to dehydrate Moringa leaves. This is a completely free drying method. But the premise is that you have a vast venue, and you have to ensure that the weather is in a very good state for a long time. This drying method is generally not accepted, because the weather cannot be controlled. Second, the drying time is too long and the output is very low. Not applicable to modern Moringa leaf processing procedures.

Moringa leaf powder grinding:

The dried Moringa leaves are ground and processed. Moringa leaf powder grinder machine can process the dehydrated Moringa leaves, and use the gear plate of the equipment to squeeze and crush the Moringa leaves. Moringa leaf powder can be directly discharged from the grinding cavity, and comes out through the discharge port. After being crushed, the Moringa leaf powder is put into a cloth bag for collection.
The meshness can be adjusted by changing screens of different meshes.
The common recommended items of Moringa powder are:
Thick (1.0mm-1.5mm)
Fine (0.5mm-1.0mm)
Very fine (0.2mm-0.5mm)

Moringa powder packaging:

Moringa leaf packaging is the last step in the processing steps of Moringa leaf. You can pack Moringa leaf powder into the finished product you want. It can be tea style or pouch style. The specific style is provided according to your needs. We can provide customers with suitable Moringa leaf processing solutions.

The moringa leaf powder manufacturing process steps are washing, drying machine, powder grinding machine and packing machine. If you need more information, welcome contact us freely, then can show you more information and quotation.