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The dried herb processing plant can process various herbal seasonings, such as: Moringa leaf, ginseng, wolfberry, angelica, etc. There will be different processing schemes for different herbal medicine processing.
This is the common drying time and drying temperature for different materials. You can use it as a reference. If you purchase our herbal drying and processing program, we can also provide you with a specific drying program.
Herbal medicine drying line mainly includes washing machines, air dryers, drying equipment, milling equipment, packaging equipment, etc.
In terms of heating efficiency, our company uses heat pump drying machine. The air source heat pump dryer achieves 1 kWh of electricity and can transport the heat equivalent to 4 kWh in the air, and its operating cost is much lower than other drying methods. Choose our heat pump herbal drying machine, your herbal drying business will continue to benefit.

dried herb processing plant
We also have other heat sources that can be provided to customers, such as electric heating, gas heating, coal heating and so on. We can provide a suitable heat source method according to the customer's local environment and the characteristics of the dried materials.

Features of moringa leaves drying machine:

1. The drying temperature of herb drying machine is constant, the inside and outside of the material are heated evenly, to ensure thorough drying without damage to the appearance, and to preserve the activity of the material and the color and nutrition of the original material to a large extent.
2. Different drying temperatures can be set by yourself to meet the drying needs without medicinal materials; we will provide customers with common processing techniques. In addition, we have our own laboratory for customers to conduct experiments.
3. High security. All food contact parts are food grade 304 stainless steel. Meet sanitary standards.
4. Lower cost. In the working process of the herbal drying machine, the heat pump evaporator is used to absorb the heat in the outside air, or to recover the waste heat of the exhaust gas during the drying process, and the compressor does work to "carry" the energy to the drying box, and repeat the cycle to achieve drying. Purpose. This item greatly saves energy and reduces the consumption of customers' herbal medicine drying.
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Herbal white peony drying process-an example

1. Take the heat pump herb drying machine as an example. In the first drying process of Radix Paeoniae Rubra, the temperature rises quickly in the first few hours, and the temperature in the drying room is quickly raised to 70°C, and the temperature needs to be dehumidified at the same time. Pay attention to master the drying temperature. After a few hours, adjust the temperature to 50-60°C, dry it until the surface is dry, and then gradually increase the temperature to 65°C until the moisture required for drying is reached. The whole drying time is 15-20 hours.
2. Dry the sliced ​​white peony slices. Because the white peony tablets have less moisture, the drying equipment at this stage can directly use the temperature of 50-65 ℃ for drying, and the drying time is 10-12 hours.
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Technical Data
7P heat pump drying machine parameters
Item Parameter Unit
Environment temperature 15-43
Drying temperature range 30-75
Rated power 12 Kw
Maximum power 18 Kw
Power supply form 380/3/50 V/Ph/Hz
Temperature control accuracy ±1
Electric heating power 6 Kw
Controller Single chip microcomputer/PLC+color screen control
Noise level ≤75 dB(A)
Capacity 300-700 Kg
Dehydration capacity 21 Kg/h(=50℃,80%)

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