Tunnel Type Fruit Drying Machine Multifunction Use

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Tunnel type Fruit Dryer Machine Scope of application:
The tunnel type fruit drying machine can work continuously and is mainly suitable for larger food production enterprises. 
It can dry vegetable while retaining the nutritional components and color of the product to the maximum extent. Suitable for: apple, jack fruit, mango, apricot, mushroom room, onion and others.
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Tunnel type fruit drying machine Introduction
Tunnel vegetable dehydration machine is a kind of oven which uses long box hot air circulation and far infrared drying method to dry. The main purpose is to meet the needs of high-efficiency drying and drying.
The material is placed on the pallet of each layer of the material cart. The material enters the tunnel from the end of the tunnel, and then the material is discharged from the side of the tunnel near the hot blast stove. Take a cart of dry material and a cart of wet material at the other end. This allows continuous work and intermittent drying.
The transmission of this machine mainly uses stainless steel chain for different fruit or vegetables production, which can be adjusted to suitable speed according to different requirements.
This electromechanical thermal element with high radiation coefficient, low energy consumption, fast heating and so on.
The machine is equipped with preheating zone, constant temperature zone, cooling zone and other areas. The temperature range is 50-300 ℃ and 50-400 ℃.
Technical Data
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