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How To Properly Freeze Crunchy Asparagus ?

rqi Nov 09 2020 By admin
We usually buy a lot of asparagus at the same time when we go to the supermarket. If we buy too much asparagus, we can't finish it. At this time, the question arises. How to save it? Some people will ask: how to process asparagus? In fact, there are still many asparagus, such as dried, canned, refrigerated and so on. Can asparagus be frozen? If so, what is the method of frozen storage of asparagus? Know how to freeze asparagus through this article?
iqf asparagus
Asparagus is a root vegetable, it is easy to lose water, and will lose most of the nutrients when it hardens, so if you want to deal with frozen asparagus, you must deal with fresh asparagus. The asparagus will taste delicious after quick-frozen.

How to store asparagus at home:

If you can’t eat it right away and store it in the freezer, if it’s only stored for two or three days, it is recommended to roll the asparagus in paper and store it in the refrigerator freezer. It can also be cooked and stored in the shade or cold storage. For preservation, you can choose to freeze preservation, but no matter which method it is, it is recommended to buy less at a time or eat it while it is fresh.

How to properly freeze asparagus?

1:You need fresh asparagus to be cleaned and dried under water.
2: Cut the washed asparagus into sections. Be careful to cut the asparagus into asparagus pieces of the same size as much as possible. Wash and dry
3: Pour small pieces of asparagus into boiling water. Some people will ask: "how long do i blanch asparagus for it to freeze them" The answer is that the blanching time is two minutes. The time cannot be too long. Our purpose is to blanch the asparagus instead of steaming.
4: After two minutes, transfer it to a bowl with ice. Cold water can ensure that the asparagus stops cooking.
5: Now we are going to spread the road asparagus on some kitchen paper towels. Before we freeze it, we need to make sure that we remove the excess water.
6: Ready to put in a freezer bag, make sure you exclude all air.
how to freeze fresh asparagus in the refrigerator. This quickly freezes the asparagus in the refrigerator. It can be easily accessed next time we need it.
In this way, quick-frozen asparagus can be kept for a longer time.

How to freeze asparagus in industry:

The asparagus can be stored for up to 1 year after quick-frozen without changing its quality. The asparagus quick-freezing process includes: cleaning of the fresh raw asparagus, asparagus cutting, blanching, dehydration, quick freezing, packaging, storage, etc.
Among them, blanching (including enzyme test) is the key technology in the process.
The process of selecting raw materials → finishing → washing with water → cutting → blanching → quick freezing → packaging → storage operation point.
When buying asparagus, the raw materials of quick-frozen green asparagus should be classified first, and then carefully selected and classified according to the same specifications of the product, and the finished asparagus should be washed with water to wash away the sediment. The length of the purchased asparagus is different. After washing, cut off the excess part according to the length of the product to make the asparagus neat and consistent. When cutting, the blade should be sharp and the cutting part should be flat. When blanching, the water temperature should be set, and the blanching time can be determined by the thickness of the tender stem. Usually two minutes. After blanching, the asparagus will enter the quick-freezing machine. Turn the asparagus around in the quick-freezing equipment, and you will get asparagus one by one.
The demand for frozen asparagus in the market is increasing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.