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What is the Individual Quick Freezing Machine:

Individual quick freezing machine, also known as IQF, is a way of food freezing technology. Quick freezing machine refers to the rapid freezing of each individual material. Every quick-frozen thing is an individual. Each piece of food is frozen separately. It does not adhere to other frozen food at the same time. It is usually not packaged in advance.
Fluidized Quick-freezing Machine

Fluidized Quick-freezing Machine Working Principle:

Using special freezing technology, the food was rapidly frozen in a short time at -35 ℃. The frozen time is affected by the size of the food materials. The freezing time of the food with the thickness of about 3cm is about 3-5 minutes.
As in the name individual, the ingredients need to be treated individually before freezing. Although there is one more process than BQF, in fact, after individual packaging and freezing, the secondary processing or packaging after freezing will save a lot of trouble.

Individual Quick Freezing Machine Cost:

The prices of individual quick freezing machine vary greatly, ranging from 50,000$ to 300,000$. According to the customer's material, output, floor area requirements, we provide suitable fast freezing machine. There are usually Fluidized Quick-freezing Machine, liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine and spiral quick freezing machine. The price of fast freezing machine is relatively medium; the proportion of screw quick freezing machine is relatively small, which is a good choice for customers with limited space. The price of liquid nitrogen freezer is relatively cheap, but it is more expensive for the use cost. Because in the use of nitrogen filling quick freezing machine, it is necessary to continuously consume nitrogen. Nitrogen is a consumable. Liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine is more suitable for high value-added materials, such as seafood.
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