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How to make tomato paste simply and quickly?

rqi Oct 07 2021 By admin
Tomato paste is a sauce-like concentrated product of tomato, which is produced from tomato as raw material. Usually used in both Chinese and western food seasonings, Sweet, sour and delicious, suitable for old and young. Why do so many people like to eat it? Because tomato paste is not only delicious, but also more importantly, it is rich in B vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, protein and natural pectin and other nutrients are more conducive to the absorption of the human body. How is such a good tomato paste made simply and quickly? Follow the processing steps of tomato ketchup to get more information about ketchup manufacturing process .
tomato sauce processing

ketchup manufacturing process steps

Fresh Tomato → Tomato Cleaning → Tomato Cleaning → Tomato Pickup Belt → tomato Cut → blanched preheated → tomato pulp → heated concentrated → sterilization cooling → package
1.How to pick up fresh tomatoes
We should choose some fresh tomatoes as the raw material for tomato paste. Here are some specific characteristics of fresh tomatoes: pink, nearly spherical, small umbilicus, no cracks, no insect bites.
2.How to wash tomatoes large batches and quickly
Making tomato paste requires a large batch of tomato as a raw material. tomato washing is the first essential part of tomato processing. If you choose manual cleaning, it is time-consuming and laborious. In the life of automation and convenience, of course, we must choose to replace labor with tomato washing machine, which saves time and effort. So the tomato washing machine is the best choice. The tomato bubble cleaning machine uses blower gas and bubbles produced by high pressure water, bubbles rolling make the fruit and vegetable roll in the water, and finally achieve the effect of full cleaning. So you just need a tomato washing machine to complete the tomato cleaning process.

3.tomato cutting
The washed tomatoes are transported to the tomato cutting machine, and the tomatoes are automatically cut into cubes. The speed is very fast, in just one second, you can see the whole tomatoes become small diced particles.

4.Preheat diced tomatoes
 The diced tomatoes reach the tubular preheater, and the temperature is increased by steam heating, so that the tomato paste is softened, which is conducive to the later beating.

5.Tomatoes become pulp in seconds
How can the whole tomato become pulp? Use tomato beating machine. The tomato pulping machine uses a single-pass beating machine to automatically separate the pulp and residue of crushed and preheated tomatoes, and the material is made into pulp through centrifugal force. The speed of tomato pulping can also be changed according to the replacement of the screen and the adjustment of the scraper blades.

6.Concentrated to make tomato paste
Put the tomato paste into the jacketed pot for heating and concentration, and stop heating when the soluble solid content reaches 22% to 24%. Pay attention to constant stirring during the concentration process to prevent burnt.

 7. Your favorite tomato paste is made
The final step of ketchup manufacturing process is tomato ketchup sterilization and cooling packaging. After concentration, the tomato ketchup is sterilized in 100°C boiling water for 20-30 minutes, and then cooled until the pot temperature reaches 35-40°C.
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