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Project Report On Mango Pulp Processing Unit

rqi Oct 07 2021 By admin
This article is about the project report on mango pulp processing unit. If you want a mango pulp processing method, the mango juice project report will show you.
Mango Pulp Processing Unit
First, you can watch the mango pulp processing machine test video. The capacity of the mango pulp processing capacity is about 1 ton of fresh mangoes in one hour. The power of the an mango pulping machine is: 7.5Kw 380V 50Hz. In addition to the transmission device, the mango pulping is made of SUS304.
Our customer wanted to test the effect of the mango pulp machine. In order to meet the customer's needs, we purchased fresh mangoes and test the mango pulping machine in our factory.

At the same time, the customer manager makes a video call to the customer and shows the effect of the test mango pulping machine online to the customer. For customers who cannot visit, we can also test the machine to relieve customers' doubts.

Watched the process of mango pulping through the video. Let's elaborate on the method and working principle of mango pulping.
One: Pour the washed mangoes into the hopper from the conveyor belt or manually. Because it is food and beverage, the requirements for the finished product are relatively high. Before the mango pulping, the mango needs to be cleaned. Mango washing machine is included in the complete mango pulp processing unit we provide. If the customer wants to carry out a small mango pulp processing and does not have that much money, the can also clean mangoes manually.
Two: The mango enters the feeding port enough of mango pulping machine, and under the action of centrifugal force, the feeding pulp leaves screw the mango to the beating rod, and under the action of the beating rod, the mango is mashed. At this time, the crushed mangoes, under the action of squeezing friction and shearing, fine mango pulp particles and mango juice liquid flow out of the sieve holes, and larger particles such as mango skins and mango cores are pushed on the striking plate and lead angle. Under the action, it moves along the cylindrical screen to the outlet end and is discharged from the slag discharge port.
In this way, the function of separating mango pulp, mango skin and mango core is realized.
Mango Pulp Processing Unit
In order to comply with the confidentiality requirements of our mango pulping technology, the mango pulp processing unit report does not show the internal structure of the mango pulping machine. If you want a more intuitive understanding of the processing technology and technical advantages of the fruit pulping business, you are welcome to visit our factory for on-site visits and guidance.
The mango pulping machine tested today is designed based on the mango mango pulp processing method according to the needs of our customers. Due to the diversity of fruits, some fruits have pits and some do not. For different fruit pulping machine, we can provide suitable fruit pulping machine . In order to meet the customer's budget, we provide a suitable and affordable solution and flexible options to ensure that your needs can be met. We can find suitable fruit solutions for customers and make their business needs a reality.