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How to Make Fruit Juice For Business

rqi Apr 30 2019 By admin
If you want to start your fruit juice business, then need be very clearly on the fruit juice manufacturing process. If produced with fresh fruit, all equipment used for fruit, vegetable storage, selection, cleaning and extraction needs to be appropriate. If you need fruit juice filing and packing machine,we also can provide for you.For the fruit juice processing flow chart, we will discuss detail for you.

These are will show you some main machine of the fruit juice manufacturing process.
1:Fruit washing machine:cleaning the fresh fruit 
1. Pesticide removal. The washing ingredients added in the fruit and vegetable washing machine can clean the fruits and vegetables clean and non-toxic. 
2. De-impurities, any kind of fruit and vegetable products, from the moment they are picked up, will inevitably be contaminated with a large number of impurities, such as soil, so the high-frequency ultrasound built-in fruit and vegetable cleaner can be very good for cleaning impurities in fruits and vegetables. 
3. Sterilization, fruit and vegetable cleaner contains built-in ultraviolet sterilization system, which can effectively kill most common fruit and vegetable bacteria. 
2: Fruit picking machine: remove some bad fruit.
When the fresh fruit enters the machine, it turns over and moves forward driven by the roller. The operator can detect the unqualified fruit and vegetable in the process of fruit moving to ensure the quality of the fruit and vegetable. 

3:Fruit juice extractor machine: make fruit juice.
We need one fruit juice extractor to make fresh fruit into juice. Fruit and vegetable will be crushing and extracting. Fruit breaks up under the action of a high-speed rotating blade. Under the push of the screw, the juice squeezed by it, flows into the bottom Juicer through the filter mesh, while waste material flows through the shape between the screw and the pressure-regulating conical part. The annular voids are discharged. Then we will get pure fruit juice,separate from skin and seeds.

4: Spiral Slag Conveyor:  save labor to get out Pericarp residue。
If you just need one small juice business, the Screw conveyor will be needed by you. We can provide it according to customers'needs. The screw slag conveyor is mainly composed of feeding hopper, screw shaft, transmission reducer, discharging hopper, shell and other components. When working, the sprocket of the transmission reducer drives the spiral shaft to rotate. After the material enters the shell, it moves to the hopper under the thrust of the spiral shaft to achieve the purpose of conveying. 

5: Sterilization Cooler :keep fresh time longer.
The equipment is equipped with high temperature sterilization, heat recovery and cooling sections. The material to be treated is sterilized at high temperature, and heat recovery and cooling are carried out after the material is insulated by insulating pipe. 
In the production process, the control of sterilization temperature of materials is realized by controlling the temperature of hot water. The control of hot water temperature is realized by the thermostat regulating the steam flow through the steam regulating valve, and the error of sterilization temperature is not more than (+0.5 C). Material outlet temperature is generally manually regulated by ball valves. It can also automatically control the outlet temperature. 

6: Juice filing and packing machine: pack juice into bottle.
If you want fill juice in a bottle or bag, you can. Storage is more conducive to preservation and sales. The fruit juice filling line has the advantages of fast, accurate, economical and practical. Through the sealing structure, packing bottles (cans) can be sealed by plugging, screwing, rolling and pressing. 
These are main steps of making fruit juice for business. Some of the machines you can take it or not, that depends on your factory requirements. Fruit juice machine manufacturer provides you suitable solution according to customer details. If you need juice process business information, you can contact us freely. We have engaged in fruit juice machine for many years, with professional solution and machine to customers. Email: wendy@machinehall.com Phone/whatsapp/wechat:0086 18539931566
how to make fruit juice for business