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How Do You Make Banana Powder Commercially?

rqi Sep 14 2022 By admin
Banana powder has high nutritional value and helps to solve health problems such as childhood malnutrition, cancer, diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases, and diabetes. Banana flour contains no gluten, lactose or sugar and is also a good source of energy, vitamins, iron and minerals. Easy to eat, it can be made into porridge or cake, it can keep you full for a long time, and it can help reduce the dropout rate of elementary school children (due to illness).
As a natural healthy food, the processing of banana powder has broad market prospects. Today, let's take a look at the industrial production process and main equipment of banana powder. hope it is of help to you.

 make banana powder commercially

1. Industrial Production Process of Banana Powder

1. choice of bananas. Bananas used to make banana powder are picked and dried before most of their starch is ripened and converted to sugar.
2. Wash. Rinse the green bananas with clean water through the bubble cleaning machine to remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the banana fruit.
3. Blanch and cool. Blanch bananas with hot water through a blanching machine, then cool them with cold water for easier and quicker peeling.
4. Peeling. Peel the bananas manually.
5. Slice. Put the peeled bananas into the banana slicer to obtain banana slices.
6. Color protection. Bananas are rich in tannins and enzymes. After peeling and cutting, the flesh is exposed to the air, which can easily oxidize and brown. Therefore, the peeled bananas should be treated with color protection as soon as possible to reduce the color change of banana slices.
7. Air dry. The color-protected banana slices are passed through an air knife air dryer to dry the moisture on the surface of the banana slices.
8. Dry. The air-dried banana slices are conveyed to the dryer through the mesh belt for drying treatment, so that the moisture content is reduced to less than 5%.
9. Grinding. After drying, banana powder has low water content and strong hygroscopicity. Once exposed to the air, it will quickly return to moisture and agglomerate. Therefore, it should be ground in time after drying, and it should be ground in dry conditions, but it should not be ground in the air. .
10. Packaging. Dried banana powder should be packaged in time. The material for packaging banana powder must be both airtight and moisture-proof. It is usually an aluminum foil composite packaging material, which is sealed and stored in a dry place in the shade.

If you are not clear from the above description, you can watch this video to understand the process of banana flour production.

2. Main Equipment for Industrial Production of Banana Powder

The main equipment for industrial production of banana powder are bubble cleaning machine, blanching machine, cooling machine, slicer, air knife air dryer, dryer, pulverizer, powder packaging machine, etc. In order to improve the automation level of the banana powder production line, it can be equipped with certain hoists, belt conveyors, picking tables and other equipment.
After a long period of in-depth research and continuous improvement, our company focuses on research and development of banana powder production line solutions that meet the needs of low-cost and high-quality processing. With excellent machinery and equipment, quality requirements for excellence and providing customers with satisfactory services as the fundamental starting point, it helps customers to succeed in business, so it is well received.
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