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Application of Dehydrated Vegetable Production Line

rqi Oct 27 2022 By admin
What people call dehydrated vegetables in daily life is to quickly refrigerate ordinary vegetables and then perform large-scale vaporization, thereby turning them into a kind of dried vegetables without moisture. This dehydrated vegetable is what we often see in instant noodles. The advantage of dehydrated vegetables is that they are easy to store, not perishable, and can be stored for a long time, so many fast food now choose to use dehydrated vegetables. At present, the processing of dehydrated vegetables is inseparable from the production line equipment. Give you a detailed introduction to the applicable scenarios and fields of dehydrated vegetable production line?
dried vegetable processing factory

Process Flow and Main Equipment of Dehydrated Vegetable Production Line:

Process flow of dehydrated vegetable production line: cleaning - peeling - cutting - blanching - cooling - air drying - drying - packaging. The main equipment of dehydrated vegetable production line includes bubble cleaning machine, brush cleaning and peeling machine, multifunctional vegetable cutting machine, blanching machine, cooling machine, air knife air drying machine, continuous drying machine and packaging machine.

Application Scenarios and Fields of Dehydrated Vegetable Production Line Equipment:

The dehydrated vegetable production line equipment developed by our company has strong pertinence and practicability, and high energy utilization. Dehydrated vegetable production line equipment is widely used in the processing of dried vegetables, dried fruits, and snack foods such as instant noodle ingredients, condiments, etc. It is mostly used in processing plants, food companies, central kitchens and other fields.
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Our company has a mature dehydrated vegetable production line solution. The technicians have been tracking and serving users for a long time. They have gone deep into the users to debug, obtained first-hand practical data and combined with domestic advanced technology to continuously improve and perfect the equipment. According to the characteristics and processing technology requirements of the drying products required by customers, combined with the experience accumulated over the past ten years, it is specially designed for the characteristics of different drying materials, with short drying time, low energy consumption, and good quality, which meets the national food hygiene requirements. , so as to bring new opportunities for the industrialization of agricultural and sideline products.
If you are interested in dehydrated vegetables and want to know more about dehydrated vegetable production line equipment, you are always welcome to inquire and get exclusive processing solutions.