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Machines Needed for Vegetable Washing Cutting Production Factory

rqi Nov 11 2022 By admin
The vegetables we see in the vegetable market are often piled up with mud and leaves. After buying them home, a series of processes are required before they can be put into the pot. However, in many supermarkets, vegetables that have been washed, cut, and beautifully packaged have appeared, and they can be cooked immediately after they are bought. These are the convenient choices of contemporary people-clean vegetables.
Fresh-cut vegetables are currently an important breakthrough category for fresh food to improve gross profit and image. Some companies carry it in stores; larger supermarkets do it in distribution centers. Either way, sorting and packing are much the same. Today, through this article, I will take you to understand what equipment is generally used for vegetable cleaning in the automatic vegetable washing and cutting production line.
fresh cut vegetable cube processing
1. Vegetable Automatic Washing and Cutting Production Line
Not all vegetables are suitable for clean vegetable processing, and clean vegetable processing is very important to the selection of raw materials. Vegetables are easily damaged during harvesting and transportation; if a knife is required for harvesting, the knife must be sharp and handled with care.
The test machine of our company's vegetable automatic washing and cutting production line is cabbage. It is necessary to choose cabbage with no mechanical damage, no moth-eaten, no disease spots, uniform color, consistent size, and the same maturity. Individuals cut off the roots of the cabbage on the multi-station picking table, and cut them into appropriate sizes according to the delivery port of the multi-function vegetable cutter. Select the shape and size of the cut on the multi-function vegetable cutter in advance. Cabbage is suitable for cutting into shredded cabbage, and the size of the shredded cabbage cut by the multi-function vegetable cutter is uniform.
The shredded cabbage is evenly sent to the eddy current washing machine through the elevator, which is suitable for cleaning chopped vegetables. The unique flexible cleaning of the eddy current cleaning machine improves the cleaning rate of shredded cabbage, and at the same time replenishes the cleaning water, which can save a lot of water. The built-in vibration draining system sends out the drained shredded cabbage. If the standard for cleaning vegetables is very high, 2 eddy current cleaning machines can be equipped in the production line.
The shredded cabbage washed by the eddy current washing machine is automatically dropped on the two-way conveyor belt and transferred into the customized vegetable basket. After the vegetable basket is full, put it into the centrifugal dryer. After starting the equipment, the shredded cabbage can be dried in a short time. The dried shredded cabbage can be packaged in a multi-head weigher packaging machine via a hoist. The processed shredded cabbage can be sold in the market through cold chain transportation.
2. Vegetable Cleaning Equipment
Through the above-mentioned processing process of shredded cabbage in the automatic  vegetable washing and cutting production line, it can be seen that the cleaning equipment required for leafy vegetables mainly includes cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, two-way transmission equipment, centrifugal drying equipment and packaging equipment.
However, there is also a type of root vegetables, and the equipment required is also concentrated above, but before the cutting equipment, a special cleaning equipment needs to be added - a brush cleaning and peeling machine. While washing, remove the skin of root vegetables with a hair roller or quartz sand, etc.
No matter what kind of vegetables you are dealing with, how strict the processing scale and specific requirements are, our company, as a provider of digital solutions for vegetable cleaning, can tailor-made exclusive vegetable cleaning solutions for automatic vegetable washing and cutting production lines.
Our company is willing to work with you to promote the development and progress of the vegetable processing industry. Welcome to visit our company's research and development factory.