Automatic Potato Strip Processing Line

potao strip cutting and packing machine
automtaic potato french fries process machine
For potato process machine, we can provide suitale solution according to your detail requirement. The Working flow of the Automatic Potato Strip Processing Line is: Elevator-washing and peeling-selection-cutting- washing- impurity- dewatering- weighing- vacuum packing
The capacity of the line can process 250kg per hour. Contact us with your requirement.
Automatic Potato Strip Processing Line
Potato washing and peeling machine:
This machine include 6 pcs brush rollers, 3 pcs emercy rollers, under the bottom of the machine, there is the water recycle box, and save water effective. Be pushed by the screw to output automatically, save the peeling time.  
The frame of the machine is 50*50*3mm stainless steel square pipe and 2mm 304 stainless steel, 
The thickness of the grid plates on both sides is 6mm. The bearing is made of stainless steel 316.
Electrical apparatus elements: Schneider electric.
Sorting Conveyor:
Function: After peeling the potatos, it will be conveyed by this machine, during this time, the bad potatos can be selected by manual.
Structure and material: 
PVC Conveying belt +SUS304 frame,2mm thickness.
Frequency motor, can adjust the conveying speed.
Potato Strip Cutting Machines:
The machine is used to cutting the potatos into strip and discharging automaticly. Material:SUS 304, 2mm thickness
Potato French Fries Blanching Machine:
The potato french fres blanching machine can maintain the vivid color of the potato chips and remove the starch attached to the potatoes. The conveyor part of this machine uses SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt. The french fries blanching machine is easy to operate, high output, automatic temperature control device, double-layer insulation material. The equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.
Vacuum Packing Machine:
Automatically extracts air from the bag. The packaged potato strips can prevent mildew, keep the quality and freshness, and extend the shelf life of the product. The machine is easy to operate, just press the vacuum cover to complete the vacuuming and sealing automatically.

All the machine solution can be customer-made according your detail requirements. Contact us freely.
Technical Data
      Machine Name        Parameter
1. Potato washing and peeling machine
Power: 3.37 kw; 380V, 50HZ, three phase
Dimension: 2300*700*1400mm
Weight: 530kg
2:Sorting Conveyor Power: 0.55KW/380V/50Hz, three phase
Diameter: 2000*500*800mm
Weight: 180kg
3. French Fries Cutting Machines Power:1.1 Kw  380V 50Hz 3phase
Capacity:500 Kg/h
Cutting size:3-10 mm
Dimensions:950*800*950 mm
Weight: 120kg
Power:0.55Kw 380V 50Hz, three phase
Dimension: 2000*700*1300
Weight: 180kg
5.Potato Strip Blanching Machine
Power: 2.95kw, 380v, 50hz, three phase
Dimension: 2500x800x1300mm
Weight: 300kg
6.Potato Vacuum Packing Machine Vacuum room’s size:465*490*40mm
Maximum filling space:400mm
Machine Dimension :105*63*97cm
Machine weight:160kg
Vacuum Pump Power :900w

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