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The coleslaw production line technological process mainly divided into picking, cleaning, cutting, air drying, weighting and packing. The main machines are washing machine, cutting machine, packing machine and others.

1. Process Flow of Coleslaw Production Line

Coleslaw is mainly processed in a sterile environment by sorting (such as removing rotten leaves, yellow leaves, inedible roots, etc.), cleaning, cutting, air-drying, weighing and other processing operations of freshly picked cabbage, and vacuum packaging. into a product. Coleslaw is convenient, hygienic, easy to carry, green and environmentally friendly, and can be eaten with a little processing, and is deeply loved by the public.
automatic Coleslaw processing machine

2.Main Equipment of Coleslaw Production Line

The coleslaw production line needs to be equipped with bubble cleaners, multi-function vegetable cutters, vortex cleaners, air knife dryers, centrifugal dryers, belt conveyors, elevators, packaging machines and other equipment.

3. Introduction of Coleslaw:

Coleslaw, one of the most common delicacies in our daily life. It can be eaten all year round. The price of cabbage is very cheap, and its nutritional value is very high. It is rich in vitamins, cellulose and various minerals. It has very low calories and is easy to feel full. It is definitely the favorite of dieters. Eating cabbage often can enhance physical fitness, improve immunity and resistance, and help the health of the human intestinal tract. Although a simple delicacy, making coleslaw can still be a waste of time. Good thing we can now buy ready-made coleslaw.

This is coleslaw processing machine working video, you can have a look:

Our company can provide whole plant solution design for coleslaw processing enterprises, which is composed of cleaning, cutting, air drying, packaging and other processing equipment, which not only improves the processing efficiency and production capacity of coleslaw, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers, helping enterprises Save labor costs.
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