Commercial Vegetable Slicer Machine For banana Chips Carrot Cucumber

commercial vegetable slicer machine
best vegetable slicer machine
vegetable slicer machine
What is best vegetable slicer machine?

The best vegetable slicer machine is used to cut various vegetables into slices. The finshed products after our vegetable slicer machine have uniform thickness, smooth surface without damage.It will be easy to alice vegetables with adjustable thickness.

vegetable slicer machine

Why you need commercial vegetable slicer machine?
  • You are a food processing manufacturer with your own production plant and need to process food efficiently to increase your competitiveness in the market.
  • You want to open a food processing factory and want to know the vegetable slicer machine first.
  • The commercial vegetable slicer machine you used originally has been old for a long time and has failed frequently. You need to replace the new machine.
  • You want to start your vegetable food processing business.
  • You want to expand your vegetable food processing business.
best vegetable slicer machine
Why choose Gelgoog vegetable slicer machine?
  • Our vegetable slicer machine price is reasonable.We supply permanent after-sales service and one year warranty.
  • The best vegetable slicer machine has high slicing efficiency, large output and low energy consumption.
  • The commercial vegetabke slicer machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, safe and hygienic
  • The blade of the machine is sharp and does not deform, and the sliced ​​vegetables are smooth and not broken.
  • The vegetable pieces cut out by the machine are formed well and the yield is high.
  • The cutting thickness of the machine can be adjusted freely, and the thinnest can be cut to 1mm.
  • The machine is multi-purpose, suitable for processing potatoes, lotus roots, radishes, etc. into flakes.
  • Multi-caliber, suitable for vegetables of various sizes, and can be used for slicing vegetables of different sizes at the same time.
If you need the slice cutting machine for onion rings, we also have onion peeling machine with good price for your choice. 
Technical Data
Power 0.75kw
Voltage 220v/380v 
Capacity 600-800Kg/h
Weight 100Kg
Dimension 650*550*900mm

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