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autoamtic banana powder manufacturing plant
banana powder processing plant factory
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As a manufacturer of banana powder manufacturing plant, our company can provide automatic and semi-automatic banana powder processing plant suitable for different needs according to the production scale of banana powder manufacturing plants and banana powder processing plants.

1.Banana Powder Processing Process 

The processing flow of banana powder is: washing - blanching - cooling - peeling - slicing - color protection - air drying - drying - grinding - packaging. The peeling process generally adopts manual peeling.

industrial banana powder making machine factory

2. Banana Powder Factory - Automatic Production Line

Relatively speaking, the processing scale of banana powder manufacturing plants is relatively large. Cleaning, blanching, cooling, slicing, air-drying, drying, milling, and packaging machine generally choose equipment with large output and high degree of automation, and equipment such as elevators and belt conveyors should be equipped between different processes as required.So that the entire banana powder production line is smoother and the degree of automation is higher.

3.Banana Powder Processing Plant - Semi-Automatic Production Line

Generally speaking, the processing methods of banana powder processing plants are flexible. Cleaning, blanching, cooling, slicing, air drying, drying, milling, and packaging equipment can be selected on demand with slightly higher-scale equipment with expected output to adapt to changing processing needs. For the determination of processing demand, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive market research and comprehensive calculation based on the supply of banana raw materials, sales channels, and factory area.

This is our banana powder processing video show :

As a professional food processing solution provider, our company provides a series of professional services including factory planning, food industry, equipment research and development, solution design, installation and commissioning, and daily maintenance.
If you have the intention to invest in a banana powder processing plant, I believe our professional team can help you quickly enter the implementation stage of the banana powder project.
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