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Machines For Fresh-Cut Vegetable Processing

rqi Aug 11 2022 By admin
With the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, the pace of life is now fast, and people's requirements for vegetables are getting higher and higher, not only for freshness, but also for convenience.
Due to the heavy workload of vegetable cleaning, the traditional manual operation method relies on workers' sense of responsibility, and it is difficult to control the quality of vegetable cleaning. With the rise of prefabricated vegetables and clean vegetables, the prefabricated clean vegetables cleaning, cutting and packaging production line came into being. Today, we will explain to you the processing process of Fresh-Cut fruit Vegetable, as well as the machine for of the fresh-cut vegetable washing cutting and packaging line.
fresh-cut fruit vegetable processing

1. Fresh-Cut Vegetable Processing Steps

Fresh-Cut fruit Vegetable is mainly in a sterile environment, the newly picked vegetables are sorted (such as removing rotten leaves, yellow leaves, inedible roots, whiskers, etc.), washing, cutting, air-drying, weighing and other processing Operation, a product that is vacuum-packed. Fresh-Cut fruit Vegetable is convenient, hygienic, easy to carry, produces less kitchen waste, and is environmentally friendly. It can be cooked after a little cleaning, and is deeply loved by the public.

2. Machines for Fresh-Cut fruit Vegetable Processing

In terms of line classification, there are mainly leafy vegetable processing production lines and root vegetable processing production lines. Since leafy vegetables do not need to be peeled, they only need to be washed, cut, air-dried, and packaged. At this time, the Fresh-Cut fruit Vegetable process company should be equipped with leafy vegetable processing equipment such as bubble cleaning machine, multi-function vegetable cutter, air knife air dryer, centrifugal dryer, belt conveyor, elevator and so on. Root vegetables should be brushed and peeled, and a brush cleaning and peeling machine, a multi-function vegetable cutter, a blanching machine, an air dryer machine , a centrifugal dryer, a belt conveyor, and a hoist should be configured.
Our company can provide whole plant solution design for fresh-cut vegetable processing enterprises. It is composed of processing equipment such as washing, cutting, air-drying and packaging. It not only improves the processing efficiency and production capacity of fresh-cut vegetables, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers and helps enterprises save labor costs.
Welcome to inquire and get the detailed information and exclusive processing solutions of fresh-cut fruit vegetable washing to packing line. At the same time, our company welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit the company and the factory for a win-win cooperation.