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Provide Tomato Sauce Factory Project From Tomato Paste Production Line Manufacturer

rqi Jan 17 2020 By admin
Tomato is rich in nutrition and loved by consumers. But the market supply of tomatoes is uneven throughout the year. You can use the local tomato resources to take advantage of the regional resources and use them to develop and grow your tomato sauce business. Tomato processing companies will have considerable economic income.
If you are researching for tomato sauce factory project, please contact us freely. As a professional tomato paste production line manufacturer, we not only provide high-quality ketchup production lines, but also can customize customer needs to provide tomato ketchup plant design freely. This article will give an example to explain the tomato sauce factory project.
tomata juice factory details
Ketchup Market Analysis and Forecast
Tomatoes are delicious and nutritious. The masses like to eat them very much. Whether it is home consumption or gathering with friends and family, having tomato sauce to accompany meals is a delicious appetite that makes people appetite.
In the production and processing of ketchup, there is a lack of local suppliers, and the ketchup supplied by the market comes from afar. Therefore, tomato sauce processing enterprises can not only fill a gap for the local area, but also provide a wide range of living space for the development of the project.
Ketchup project and project planning
㈠Project goals
The main purpose of this planning project is to introduce tomato processing technology and funds to provide marketable tomato paste products for the market. Its main construction content is a tomato deep processing enterprise.
Explanation of the construction content of the tomato sauce production line project
Tomato deep-processing enterprises: The main function is to process 20,000 tons of tomatoes per year, and it is mainly concentrated in summer and autumn to start production, which is conducive to the purchase of a large number of tomatoes produced by vegetable farmers in summer as cheap raw materials.
V. Estimation of investment in tomato sauce factory project
According to preliminary estimates, the total investment for the construction of this project is about 25 million RMB, of which 5 million RMB is self-raised and the foreign investment is 20xx million RMB. Investment estimate: 10 million RMB in fixed assets and 15 million RMB in working capital.
Financial Benefit Forecast of Tomato Sauce Production Line Project
Financial forecast basis
The purchase price of tomatoes is 0.3-0.5 RMB per kilogram, and the sales price of tomato sauce is 2.0-3.0 RMB per kilogram.
㈡Financial analysis
A. Costs
1. Tomato acquisition funds:
20,000 tons × 0.4 RMB / kg = 8 million RMB;
2. One million RMB for other auxiliary materials;
3. Water, electricity, coal and other raw materials 1.2 million RMB;
4, packaging costs 1.5 million RMB;
5. Salary expenses of 3 million RMB;
6, other expenses of 500,000 RMB;
B. Sales income
1. Ketchup sales:
10 thousand tons × 2.5 RMB / kg = 25 million RMB;
2. Ketchup residue sales:
10 thousand tons × 0.02 RMB / kg = 200,000 RMB;
C. Economic benefits
B-A = 25.2 million RMB-15.2 million RMB = 10 million RMB;
According to preliminary estimates, after the project is completed, the annual production of tomato sauce will be more than 10,000 tons, plus the by-product income, the company's total annual sales income will reach more than 25 million RMB, and the annual net profit tax will be around 10 million RMB. The full investment in fixed assets can be recovered within three years of operation.
Through the preliminary analysis above, the construction of this ketchup factory has strong profitability and is technically and economically feasible.
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