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Tomato Ketchup Plant Cost in India

rqi Feb 12 2020 By admin
In 2018, the ketchup market's revenue reached $ 685 million. The Indian diet culture has undoubtedly caused widespread use of ketchup. How about the tomato ketchup plant cost in India? As a professional tomato paste plant manufacturers, we can provide a complete set of solutions for tomato ketchup plant to obtain finished products such as tomato juice, tomato puree, and ketchup.

The tomato ketchup business is a profitable business,which in great demand in the market, and India is one of the largest tomato producers, thus providing a huge market for Indian tomato ketchup production.
Ketchup is growing at a rate of more than 20% per year, and India ’s demand for ketchup is increasing, and it is expected that it will continue to increase in the future.

Required machines cost of tomato ketchup plant in India
The tomato paste plant manufacturing process requires different machines, which play an integral role in the manufacturing process. The list of machines is:
Tomato washing machine costing about Rs 350000
Tomato drier costing about Rs 350000
Tomato shredder costing about Rs 210000
Tomato grinder costing about $ 140000
Ketchup sterilizer costing about 210000
Tomato sauce packing machine price in india costing about Rs 350000

Prices for the above machines are subject to change. Different machinery and equipment and different output will have different prices. Please contact us for specific prices.

Tomato processing business plan india
A business plan is the key to the success of any business. Since ketchup equipment is not very cheap, we must be clear about the funds required to start a business. A well-designed business plan is needed to tell the business process of the ketchup business in a profitable way.
• Raw tomatoes / guava are washed and crushed in a mill
Debris is collected in the bottom tank
• The crushed material is circulated through a heat exchanger to preheat to the required temperature
• Using steam as the heating medium, the heat exchanger heats up the debris.
• When the required temperature is reached, drain the crumbs into the pulper to squeeze the juice

Tomato paste plant manufacturers india
As a professional ketchup equipment supplier, we provide cost-effective equipment to the Indian market. Meet the needs of different customers.
We can provide a complete set of tomato processing lines to obtain end products such as ketchup and tomato juice. For ketchup production lines, our manufacturers equip customers with a series of automatic tomato processing equipment for blanching tomatoes, pulping, tomato puree processing, and final processing of tomato sauce.
These tomato processing business plan are designed with the latest technology to suit the customer's industry-specific needs. We can provide you with a manual ketchup / ketchup factory or a fully automatic ketchup factory of any size. The finished product can be packed in cans, bottles, pouches.