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Industrial Fruit Dehydrator Machine Philippines

rqi Feb 18 2020 By admin
In order to prevent mangoes from being unsaleable again, our Philippine customer purchased mango fruit dehydrator machine philippines in advance and started to make their own dried mango fruit business.

This Philippine customer has a business vision. See the huge market for dried mango. We have to admire the vision of this customer.
Philippine customer purchase mangoes from local fruit farmers, and then process the mangoes by washing and drying them. The dried mango is not only unaffected by the season, but it is also delicious and popular locally.
According to the needs of customers, we have provided a industrial fruit dehydrator machine with an output of 500 kg per hour.
In addition to fruit dehydrator machine, we also provide mango washing machine and mango slicing machine. Can provide customers with a complete set of dried mango production lines. If you also want to produce dried mango, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with a detailed dried mango drying machine according to your specific needs. It doesn't matter if you don't know about dried mango business before, we will patiently explain to you, and provide free dried mango factory design.
fruit dehydrator machine philippines
Last year, the El Niño phenomenon caused abnormally hot and dry weather in many parts of the world, and unexpectedly caused a large harvest of Philippine mangoes. However, as many as 2 million kilograms of mangoes in the Philippines are currently undersold due to "oversupply." To ensure that the excess mangoes do not rot, the Philippine Ministry of Agriculture is anxious to market these mangoes worldwide and is trying to sell 1 million kilograms of mangoes at a wholesale price of 25 to 50 pesos per kilogram in Metro Manila.
Philippine Minister of Agriculture Emmanuel El Pino said local mango farmers reported a sharp increase in mango harvest. Many mango farmers have suffered, losing a lot of money.