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How Is Garlic Peeled Commercially In China

rqi Oct 22 2020 By admin
As we all know, the garlic industry has grown exponentially, which has led to the prosperity of the garlic processing market. Therefore, we cannot ignore the important part of garlic peeling.
It can be said that the production process of peeled garlic is complicated and simple. But we all know that the garlic necessary processing procedure is: to make each clove of garlic completely peeled without any damage.
how is garlic peeled in china

How is garlic peeled commercially

You may find it difficult, because if you use manual peeling, it will consume a lot of labor and time. At this time, a magical machine appeared-garlic peeling machine.
Garlic peeling machine refers to a machine that uses a machine to replace manual garlic peeling. The garlic heads are divided and stalked with a manual splitting or peeling machine, and then put into the air off-machine hopper. When the air pressure reaches 0.8MPA, turn on the air offline power supply (knob switch), and adjust the air offline relay according to the size of the garlic cloves to control the length of time.
In addition, our large garlic peeling machine can work continuously. The same working principle of garlic peeling machine. The machine has a reasonable structure and is convenient for manual operation.
The garlic peeling machine also needs the configuration of an air compressor. Customers need to connect the power supply of the air compressor in advance, and connect the air compressor power garlic peeler machine and the peeling machine firmly with the air pipe. Note: The air pipe must not have a joint in the middle, it must be a complete one; the joint at the interface between the air compressor and the air pipe must not be smaller than the inner diameter of the air pipe, and must match the inner diameter of the air pipe. (Remember that the trachea must be properly equipped, including the connector pagoda, otherwise, in the actual production process, although the air pressure of the barometer is displayed normally, the air pressure will drop instantaneously when peeling, resulting in a low peeling rate!

Advantages of peeling garlic:

Garlic is essential in various dishes such as food processing plants and restaurants. If you are engaged in the catering industry and garlic processing plants, then garlic peeling equipment is your indispensable choice.
Do you want to remove a few hundred catties of garlic every week and cost your workers a lot of working time, or do you save time to do more things or save your labor costs. The garlic peeling machine helps you to finish the garlic processing efficiently.

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