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How Much Does It Cost To Own Tomato Processing Factory

rqi Apr 14 2022 By admin
Do you have such doubts as to how to start a ketchup business and how much does it cost to own a tomato processing factory? If you have this problem, please see below.

“I want to open a small tomato paste processing plant. We have a lot of tomatoes from mid-July to mid-September. There are about 3000 mu of tomatoes planted nearby this year, so I want to open a small tomato paste processing plant, but I don’t understand much. For example, is the machine for making tomato sauce expensive? How about the price of tomato sauce now? How much money is needed to open such a factory?
”This is one people have ask us.

processing tomato paste

This person wants to open a small factory first and then slowly expand it into scale because there are so many tomatoes grown locally. Customers want to seize this business opportunity to start a business. Our company provides solutions for food entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs understand more industry knowledge.

Let us answer customer needs one by one below:

Quation 1: I don’t know how to open a tomato sauce factory, can anyone tell me?

Answers:We are a company established in 2010, with 10 years of machine design and factory design experience. The equipment is sold to more than 120 countries. You can consult us at any time if you have any questions. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.

Quation 2:How much tomato paste production line cost?

Answers:The price of ketchup in different regions is different, and different quality corresponds to different prices. Take China as an example, 200g costs 6.8 yuan, there are 14.32 yuan, and even 40 yuan. So the price difference is relatively large. We recommend that you go to a local supermarket to do a survey and record the price of ketchup for different brands of different supermarkets.

Quation 3:Is the machine for making tomato sauce expensive?

Answers:Different scales of ketchup production will cost different money. We cannot agree on how much it is. Every businessman has a different financial background, and the budget for opening a ketchup factory is also different. Roughly ranging from 50,000 to 200,000 US dollars.

We can provide different ketchup production line schemes according to the budget of different ketchup factories of customers. From the simplest tomato paste grinder and tomato paste boiling pot, there is also a fully automatic tomato paste production line including the washing machine to the final packaging machine.
tomato ketchup manufacturing plant price
So, if you want to do a ketchup business, please do a survey in the local market, look at the local demand, and decide whether to start a ketchup business. If you decide, please contact us with your needs and leave the rest of the ketchup production line plan to us, and we will make a plan that suits you.
Below is the video of our ketchup production line for you to watch. This production line can process 500 kg of fresh tomatoes per hour. Contact us with your needs.