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How Is Chilli Sauce Made in Factory?

rqi Feb 02 2023 By admin
Vegetable sauce retains most of the nutritional components of vegetables and retains the rich taste when they are ripe. Therefore, vegetable sauce can always be loved by people. Let me show you what vegetable sauce can do, and how the factory makes vegetable sauce.
how to make chili sauce in factory

1. What Is Chili Sauce Used For?

Vegetable sauce can be used in a variety of ways, the most common being that it can be eaten as a dip, such as with French fries, etc.; it can also be spread on bread and toast to enhance the taste; it can be used as a sauce when making barbecue, salad, and pasta. In fact, vegetable sauce can be applied to a wider range, as long as it is your favorite taste.

2. How to Make Green Chili Sauce?

How is chilli sauce made in factory? The factory makes vegetable sauce through the vegetable chili sauce production line. The application of advanced vegetable sauce processing technology generally goes through cleaning, air drying, crushing, beating, refining, concentration, filling, sterilization and other links. Each link adopts processing equipment with corresponding output, and the equipment is well connected with each other, and then equipped with elevators, conveyor belts, picking tables and other facilities to improve the automation level of the vegetable sauce production line. Make the whole processing process simple and convenient, reduce manual contact, save labor costs and ensure the cleanliness of vegetable sauce.
For the processing solutions of vegetable sauce production line for different customers and different vegetables, our company unifies the common links of cleaning, crushing, filling, sterilization and other processing links according to the modular thinking, and makes random adjustments to other personalized links. For each link, the corresponding equipment will be developed and designed according to the output and degree of automation, so that each vegetable sauce production line solution can perfectly meet the needs of customers.
If you want to invest in a vegetable sauce processing plant, our company can provide you with exclusive solutions and professional services throughout the process from project planning to formal production and after-sales maintenance.